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Book Cover - Cadenzas

First Impressions


Cadenzas is a work of fiction that narrates a conversation between music and language, with walkins by Dorothy Parker, Dante, Edith Sitwell, J.S. Bach, Qiu Jin, Dmitri Shostakovich, June Jordan. It is Alex Kuo's accumulation of more than eighty years of living, listening and writing on several continents and breathing in the cadences of several languages, including three Chinese dialects.

Book Cover - American Massif

American Massif

Nicholas Regiacorte

Tupelo Press, 2022 This novel by Regiacorte, associate professor of English and director of the Creative Writing program, follows the first stages of one American mastodon in his attempts to evolve. His life begins to resemble a human life. His mother appears human. His wife and children, human. His own birthplace and childhood. His appetites, sins, faith, cynicism, big plans. All apparently human. At the same time, all of these things are relinquished or increasingly subject to the story of his own extinction.

Book Cover - Price of Passage—A Tale of Immigration and Liberation

Price of Passage—A Tale of Immigration and Liberation

Larry F. Sommers ’66

DX Varos Publishing, 2022 It’s 1853. Anders, the law at his heels, sails from Norway to seek a life of honor and respect in America. Maria, a boat builder’s daughter also seeking a new start, knows that she is just what Anders needs. Daniel, a young plantation runaway, flees northward to “free soil.” Newlyweds Anders and Maria find him in their barnyard, hiding from slave catchers who can legally capture and return him to his master. Daniel’s plight draws Anders, and drags Maria, into the conflict that is tearing the country apart.

Book Cover - Quantitative Cell Physiology

Quantitative Cell Physiology

Stephen M. Baylor ’65

Kindle Books, 2021 The laws of diffusion, electricity, and mass action are explained in this experimentally grounded textbook and are applied to elucidate how cells establish a resting membrane potential, achieve osmotic balance, generate action potentials, initiate secretion, and control muscle contraction. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter to test the student’s understanding. It is a unique framework for exploration of the physiology of nerve, muscle, and secretory cells at a quantitative and mechanistic level.

Book Cover - Amazing Webster Groves

Amazing Webster Groves

Don Corrigan ’73

Reedy Press, 2022 America’s Heartbeat can be found in a St. Louis suburb that’s been a Time Magazine cover story, the subject of a CBS-TV documentary, and a magnet for pollsters at presidential election time. In Corrigan's book, you’ll discover Old Orchard, where prime real estate was sold out of President Ulysses S. Grant’s log cabin. You’ll find Webster Park, where a governor, a senator, and many of St. Louis business geniuses once lived. Corrigan profiles the town he has been proud to cover for four decades as editor of the Webster-Kirkwood Times.

Book Cover - They Can Take It Out

They Can Take It Out

Cheryl Clark Vermeulen ’96

Word Works, 2022 In Vermeulen’s poetry, the speaker shares her life as a woman with cancer, the invasions and intimacies of the battle against it, the healing, and the quest to make new life for herself and her family.