Five alumni officially joined the Knox College Board of Trustees on July 1, 2020: Michael Chubrich ’67, Scott L. Westerman ’84, Gwen Lexow ‘90, Helen Lin ’94, and Juliana Tioanda ’95. Chubrich, Westerman, Lin, and Tioanda serve as general trustees, Lexow as alumni trustee. 

Also joining them on the board and suspending their emeritus status are Dave Schulz 74 and Susan Blew 75. Both Schulz and Blew will serve as general trustees.

Michael Chubrich 67 received his bachelor’s in history at Knox, then went on to complete his first year of law school in 1968 before being drafted into the United States Marine Corps. Chubrich served in the Marines until 1970, when he returned to law school and received degrees from the University of Chicago Law School in 1972 and Boston University Law School in 1975.

After receiving his law degrees, Chubrich established a law office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. From there, he practiced not only in New Hampshire, but in Southern Maine as well,  retiring in 2017 after practicing law for 42 years. Chubrich has taught income tax law at Franklin Pierce Law Center and at the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore Business School. Now semi-retired, Chubrick offers his services as a pro bono lawyer, and splits his residences during the year between Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Naples, Florida. 

Scott L. Westerman 84 received his bachelor’s in economics and business administration. Westerman has returned to campus since graduating to serve as a judge for the Business Intensive Seminar and the Fullbridge Program. Currently in St. Louis, Missouri, Westerman is the executive vice president and general manager of Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits North Central Sub-Region. Prior to his current role, Westerman held sales and management positions in the wine and spirits industry in Ohio, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and California. 

Gwen Lexow 90 has spent the last 25 years serving in various roles in higher education. Before training as a historian at Harvard University, Lexow graduated from Knox with a degree in history. After Harvard, Lexow went on to serve as head softball coach, associate athletic director, and long-time First-Year Seminar instructor. 

Currently with Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, Lexow is the Director of Title IX & Civil Rights Compliance and a lecturer in social sciences. She currently oversees Bates College’s prevention and response to all forms of harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. 

Helen Lin ’94 received her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1998 after graduating from Knox with a degree in economics. After Harvard, Lin served in various roles at Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Markit, and as an independent consultant in the technology, financial services, consumer products, and retail industries.

Lin is the founder and CEO of New York City-based data analytics firm, having served previously as the chief product officer with ComplySci. Since graduating from Knox, Lin served as a Knox alumni trustee for four years and, during that time, became engaged with the Bastian Family Center for Career Success and established several student internships in New York City.   

Juliana Tioanda 95 received her bachelor’s degree in modern languages at Knox, followed by her MBA from American University. Tioanda is currently a senior business leader at Microsoft (Xbox), but her career spans multiple industries—technology, consulting, financial services, education, real estate, and video game development. 

Tioanda credits Knox for key foundational life and career skills—critical thinking, respecting diverse perspectives, inclusive approach, as well as putting people and community first. A background in languages honed her skills of bridging, and connecting diverse groups of stakeholders toward a common understanding or goal. Staying connected to her Knox roots, Tioanda also volunteers with Alumni Engagement and the Bastian Family Center for Career Success.