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Book Cover - Some nights I think that the stars have died

First Impressions

Some nights I think that the stars have died

Whether exploring bacterial empires or brewing the first beer on Mars, Lunde’s verses are delivered with a humor, wit, and charm that is sure to satisfy science fiction devotees and poetry lovers alike.

Book Cover - Rising Star, Setting Sun

Rising Star, Setting Sun: Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and the Presidential Transition that Changed America

John T. Shaw ’79

Pegasus Books, May 2018 Rising Star, Setting Sun is a riveting new history that explores the complicated, poignant, and consequential transition of power from Dwight D. Eisenhower to John F. Kennedy. The exchange of leadership between the 34th and 35th presidents marked more than a succession of leaders. It symbolized—and triggered—a generation shift in American politics, policy, and culture.

Book Cover - The Road South

The Road South: Personal Stories of the Freedom Riders

B.J. Hollars ’07

University of Alabama Press, May 2018 Hollars offers an intimate look into the lives and legacies of the Freedom Riders, who took harrowing bus trips throughout the South to protest segregation in May 1961. In The Road South, these Civil Rights veterans’ poignant, personal stories offer timely insights into America’s racial past and hopeful future.

Book Cover - Seeing the Light

Seeing the Light: The Case for Nuclear Power in the 21st Century

Scott Montgomery ’73 and Thomas Graham Jr.

Cambridge University Press, September 2017 Montgomery makes the case for nuclear power as an absolute necessity for the future, with nuclear and renewable energy working together as non-carbon sources of energy. Readers will learn how, why, and where the new nuclear era is happening, what new technologies are involved, and what this means for preventing the proliferation of weapons.

Book Cover - The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column

Tom Rendall ’77 and John Frenzel

Breathe Press, March 2018 Rendall, a retired senior Special Forces officer, tells the story of a retired Special Forces colonel who is called back to Langley. He soon finds himself as the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist as he fights an entrenched government network of high-level officials who will stop at nothing to take over the United States from within.