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College Archives


Knox College Library

2 E. South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



Books and notes on the lawn in an outdoor class.

The Knox College Archives is the storehouse of college annuals, student publications, letter sweaters, old fraternity pins, not to mention photos of students, football games, theatrical performances, and campus buildings gone and forgotten.

Old Main, Knox CollegeBut the Archives is much more than the attic of the college. The Archives holds the record of the life of Knox College. The history of the college founding in 1837 is here. The accounts of the founders and their lives are kept here. There are faculty photos and lectures, committee reports, and memos between administrative offices. College events for nearly 175 years have been chronicled in documents, periodicals and memorabilia. The evolution of the curriculum can be traced, days of athletic prowess can be relived and Knox College's success can be explored. The Archives has the story of the college.

Information in the Knox College Archives can be accessed through, although not limited to, a listing of general categories, such as Athletics, Academic Departments, Music on Campus, Organizations, Fraternities and Sororities, and so on. For a complete listing, use the finding aid accessible from the menu on the left.

Lombard College bannerAssociated with Galesburg's past is Lombard College, established in 1858 by the Universalist Church. The college did not survive the Great Depression, but Knox holds the records of her history and information about her faculty and alumni.

View some images in the Lombard College Scrapbook

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Knox College

Printed on Sunday, July 14, 2024