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Quick Things to Know

  • Knox will follow its regular academic calendar in the fall, with the 10-week term running from Monday, September 14 through the end of final exams on Monday, November 23.
  • The fall term will offer in-person instruction and remote instruction. Most classes will be a hybrid of in-person and remote components to best serve both students on-campus and off-campus. Students who choose to continue their education remotely may do so. A small number of courses will have significant on-campus components that may not be appropriate for students studying remotely. Other courses will be delivered in a fully remote format. Any student can enroll for these courses. View the fall schedule.

Teaching & Learning

We look forward to welcoming students back to campus for in-person instruction, yet the College also recognizes that there will be students who will choose to continue their education remotely for now. We also recognize the possibility that as the term progresses, the need to protect our campus community may require suspending in-person meetings.

Our Educational Delivery Group has established the plans below to ensure an effective and engaging teaching and learning environment continues throughout this fall and the academic year. Instructors are deeply immersed in rethinking their course delivery in order to adapt to the unique constraints imposed by health and wellness protocols while still providing the high quality, personalized education at the core of a Knox education.

Academic Calendar

The fall academic calendar will remain as previously planned, with classes beginning on Monday, September 14, and final exams concluding on Monday, November 23.  The schedule for winter and spring may be adjusted in order to help safeguard students, faculty and staff as the public health guidance is updated throughout the fall.

Updated Fall 2020 Schedule of Courses

There have been minor changes to the fall course schedule as instructors have adapted their courses for the unique teaching and learning environment of the fall term. Returning students will be contacted by the Registrar directly if a course has been cancelled since the spring pre-enrollment period. Returning students will have a chance to review and make changes to their schedules during a special drop/add period in early August.

New students will meet with their academic advisors virtually in August. New students will receive information about their academic advisors and the summer advising schedule through the regular communication channels by which they have been receiving updates all summer.

Classrooms, Labs, and Studio Spaces

To facilitate physical distancing and regular cleaning and sanitizing of public spaces on campus, we have re-envisioned how we use classrooms, labs, and studios. All courses will likely operate in hybrid modes, with a combination of in-person and remote components to serve both students on campus and students learning from home. 

Physical distancing will require that classes meet in smaller subgroups, interaction with faculty and peers will occur both in virtual and in-person settings, and daily and weekly schedules will be flexible to meet the needs of all students.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more information on a topic or have questions that are not included below, email

  • No, the fall academic calendar will be our typical 10-week term. Classes start September 14.

  • Faculty members have worked through the summer to offer courses in new ways, and some classes may be canceled. As a result,  there will be some changes to course offerings. The revised Fall Course Schedule will be published at the end of July. Returning students will be able make changes to their schedules during a special drop/add period the week of August 3-7. Students can also make changes during the regular drop/add period at the beginning of the fall term.

  • You may continue your Knox education remotely if you don’t wish to return to campus in the fall. Many courses will be available for students studying remotely. There might be certain courses that have significant on-campus components that are difficult to reproduce online. These courses will be indicated on the revised Fall Course Schedule.

  • Yes. Please inform the Office of Student Financial Services if you decide to return to campus. Your financial aid and billing information will be adjusted appropriately.

  • Remote learning to On-Campus?

    A move on to campus will be dependent on the availability of appropriate housing and may be subject to health protocols for rejoining the on-campus community. Students will be able to participate in on-campus components of courses that have them. Courses that are remote instruction only must be completed online.

    On-Campus to Remote Learning?

    Most courses are designed for students working in either on-campus or off-campus environments, but not all. Before moving to remote learning, students should consult with their course instructors to address on-campus work they might not be able to complete.

  • The Seymour Library and the Science Commons will be open with reduced capacity. Hours of operation will be reviewed and updated regularly. We are anticipating standard operating hours for all campus computer labs with decreased occupancy to maintain social distancing. Hours will be reviewed and adjusted based on usage. CFA practice rooms will be available, but protocols for use of these spaces will be in place and must be carefully observed by all users.

  • All participants in an in-person class will wear masks or face coverings at all times. Physical distancing will require that classes meet in smaller subgroups, interactions with faculty and peers occur both in virtual and in-person settings, and daily and weekly schedules be flexible to support engagement of all students. Some classes will be moved to larger spaces. Courses that rely heavily on classroom, lab, and studio spaces will be re-envisioned so that physical distancing and cleaning protocols can be observed. Most courses will operate in hybrid modes, with a combination of in-person and remote components to serve students both on campus and those learning from home. We have also instituted rigorous cleaning and sanitation processes for all classrooms and other academic spaces, residence halls, and meeting spaces.

  • Although we plan to offer our regular academic calendar in winter and spring, we have also developed an alternate calendar that allows us to delay the return to campus this winter if public health conditions warrant. The alternate calendar allows students to begin their courses remotely before returning to campus later in winter term. We will make a decision on implementing this alternate calendar no later than the end of fall term.

  • We will have a special drop/add period for returning students on August 3-7. There will also be the regular drop/add period for all students during the first week of the term.

  • Generally, yes. “Remote only” courses can be taken anywhere. As discussed elsewhere, however, a small number of courses may not be appropriate for remote participation, whether the student is on or off-campus, due to unique in-person requirements on campus.

  • No. Some courses will be delivered fully remotely and will be identified on the course schedule.

  • A small number of courses have heavy on-campus performance or lab components and may be inappropriate for remote participation. These courses are indicated on the revised course schedule. Students should consult their academic advisors if they have questions about these courses or potential impact on their academic program. A wide variety of hybrid and fully remote courses are available in most programs.

  • No. Our regular S/U grading policies are back in effect.

  • Yes, but policies for delivering all library services continue to evolve. Updates on library services will be posted on the Library Resources page.

  • With most students on-campus in the fall, the fall daily class schedule will revert to its usual Central time zone schedule.

  • Many courses will include a blend of synchronous and asynchronous activity to enable students in different time zones to engage in coursework. Some remote courses have been shifted to increase access to real-time participation to the extent possible.

  • Off-campus study options in fall 2020 have been sharply limited by travel and border restrictions. Students should remain in close contact with the Stellyes Center for Global Studies and their academic advisors regarding their study abroad options for future academic terms.

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Printed on Tuesday, August 11, 2020