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Student & Employee Wellness Advisory Group 

The Student & Employee Wellness Advisory Group makes recommendations to support the physical and emotional wellness of all members of the Knox community as we reopen the College in the fall, with particular attention to factors such as age, pre-existing health conditions, economic and employment status, family responsibilities, and inequalities created by systems of privilege. 

Co-chairs: Anne Ehrlich, Vice President for Student Development, and Abby Putnam, Director of Health Services 

Members: Amy Chambers, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources; Ben Farrer, Environmental Studies,  Daniella Irle, Director of Athletics; Deb Southern Dean of Students (will coordinate student sub-group)

Educational Delivery Advisory Group

The Educational Delivery Advisory Group coordinates the work of the three subgroups listed below, along with other offices tasked with delivering the educational experience. It considers the impact of residency and space restrictions on curricular and co-curricular programming and makes recommendations on the prioritization of those programs.

Co-chairs: Executive Committee co-chairs: Mike Schneider, Provost and Dean of the College, and Jonathan Powers, Economics and Executive Committee

Members: Executive Committee (Mark Shroyer, Physics, Jennifer Templeton, Biology, Liz Carlin Metz, Theatre, Katie Stewart, Political Science, Anne Ehrlich, Emily Schroeder, Mujtaba Hassan, Daniella Irle, Steve Hall

Subgroup 1: Academic Continuity Advisory Group

Charge: This group provides recommendations to help ensure that we have the ability to deliver courses and academic programs of high quality while navigating the uncertain educational landscape we will encounter in 2020-2021. 

Co-chairs: Mark Shroyer, Physics and Executive Committee, and Mike Schneider 

Members: Andrew Leahy, Judy Thorn, Katie Stewart, Rich Stout, Liz Carlin Metz

Subgroup 2: Instructional Development Advisory Group

This group provides recommendations for workshops and instructional resources addressing the variety of in-person and remote instruction scenarios instructors will face in the unique learning environment in the 2020-21 academic year.

Co-chairs: Jennifer Templeton, Biology and Executive Committee, Steve Hall, Vice President for Information Technology Services

Members: Danielle Fatkin Associate Dean; Todd Heidt, German; Deirdre Dougherty, Educational Studies; Craig Johnson, Director of User Services

Subgroup 3: Educational Experience Advisory Group

This group assesses our capacity to deliver student support services in multiple learning environments. It also develops recommendations for optimizing students’ ability to fully engage with the curricular and co-curricular program.

Co-chairs: Jonathan Powers, Economics and Executive Committee, and Anne Ehrlich

Members: Tim Foster, Associate Dean, Janell McGruder, Assistant Dean for Student Wellness, Ben Farrer, Environmental Studies, Gabe Raley, Anthropology-Sociology, Jaime Spacco, Computer Science, Jim Thrall, Religious Studies

Facilities Advisory Group

The Facilities Advisory Group develops the plans, protocols, and methodologies to support the safe repopulation of the campus for residential, educational, and business operations. The group also makes recommendations for acquiring additional facilities as necessary. The plans, protocols and recommendations formulated by the group give consideration to long-term sustainability issues that may provide opportunities to conserve resources and reduce waste and utility usage. 

Co-chairs: Paul Eisenmenger, Vice President for Finance, and Debbie Steinberg, Director of Sustainability Initiatives

Members: Mike Schneider, Steve Hall, Anne Ehrlich, Scott Maust, Doug Stenfedlt, Becky Hale, Jerry Miner, Scott Sunderland, Nate Kemp, Jim Dyer, and Michael Godsil

Finance and Legal Considerations Advisory Group

The Financial and Legal Considerations Advisory Group assesses the financial impact of reopening decisions proposed by Groups 1, 2, and 3 and projects the impact on the FY21 operating budget, exercises oversight of the $664,000 in federal assistance received by the College to offset COVID-19 related expenses, and considers any legal or insurance-related implications of reopening to mitigate potential risks.

Co-chairs: Paul Eisenmenger, Vice President for Finance, and Teresa Amott, President        

Members: Sara King, Jan Wolbers, Vicky Jones, Angela Clary, Rich Stout, and Rebecca Yowler

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Printed on Saturday, June 19, 2021