Cortney Hill stands on a road in Beijing #


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Cortney Hill '17

Chicago, Illinois

Major in Political Science, Minor in Business

Cortney learned about Chinese language, culture, and government during a semester in Beijing with the China Studies Institute.

Cortney Hill stands on a road in Beijing

Cortney Hill studied business and international relations at Peking University during his semester in Beijing, China, while investing himself in Chinese language and culture. Learning about the unique relationship between the Chinese government and its people sparked Cortney's interest in journalism, something he now considers a possible career path.

Describe your experience in China.

The program itself and the people I met were what made my experience so wonderful. The professors were really passionate about what they were teaching, and I got to learn about the Chinese government and its relation with the people. It's something I look back on, and I'm very proud and happy about.

What was your favorite part of the semester?

We took a two-week study trip where we went backpacking through Southern China. We were walking and talking with the people, and we made a documentary. I'm looking at a career path potentially in journalism.

We also got to teach middle school. The kids were scared of us because they had never seen foreigners before. They wanted to take photos with us and ask us about our lives in America. The curiosity of the kids was what made it a remarkable experience.

What do you think you gained as part of this experience?

I learned a lot about the Chinese government and the connection with its people, and international relations with other countries. My main research was on Internet censorship.

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Printed on Friday, August 18, 2017

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