Summer Fujii is a basketball camp counselor in Los Angeles. #


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Summer Fujii '18

Irvine, California

Major in Financial Mathematics

Summer is teaching leadership skills to young players at the Los Angeles Clippers Youth Hoops Basketball Camp.

Summer Fujii is a basketball camp counselor in Los Angeles.

Describe your summer work experience.

Clippers Youth Hoops Basketball Camp is an organization that is part of the Los Angeles Clippers, which focuses on providing young players, ages 6-14, the training and leadership skills needed to improve their game.

I was a coach for the 9- to 11-year-olds. My job was to work with the players throughout the week to help improve their individual and team skills. I was fortunate enough to work alongside professional and overseas athletes who were also helping to coach at the camps.

How has Knox prepared you for this opportunity?

One major factor that helped me to get the job was my collegiate experience as an athlete. Having been on the Prairie Fire women’s basketball team for two years made me eligible for the position as a coach for the camps. More than just having the title of a collegiate athlete, college basketball has really prepared me mentally for the position since it requires consistently showing up and being willing to give your all to these young players.

During the end of spring term of my first year, I had participated in a weekly shooting camp that our Knox team had opened up to the Galesburg community. That experience was one of the first times that I had worked with young players and I have really loved giving back ever since.

How do you see this experience having an impact on your future plans?

This experience had allowed me to watch and think about the game from a different point of view. Coaching helped me to see the technicality of the game and made me focus on watching a player from a completely unbiased viewpoint.

Going forward in my college basketball career, I think that this experience will help me to better myself as a player and teammate. I have also considered coaching in the future and also sports analysis, which would allow me to watch over the game in a very number-specific way.

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Printed on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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