Course Preference Form

Please fill out and submit this form electronically by August 1. Transfer students with at least a year of attendance at a post-secondary institution may opt out of First-Year Preceptorial, and should use the bottom part of the form. All other incoming students should use the top part.

List your preferred courses (other than First-Year Preceptorial) in order, and provide at least one alternate. Do not list a course unless it is on the Open Course list.

Special instructions on choosing a First-Year Preceptorial section: On the left side of the form, list in order your top three choices of preceptorial sections. There is also an option to indicate one section that you do not want. We will make every effort to enroll you in one of your top choices. [Note: In addition to your choosing your preferred FP choices, we will automatically enroll you in PREC 100L-1, Preceptorial Activities , which provides a meeting time for films, one-on-one writing conferences, and other activities associated with the First Year Preceptorial.]

Schedules can be adjusted when you meet with your academic advisor, and final schedules are not confirmed until after closing and balancing of enrollments in course sections a day before the beginning of Fall classes.

Think you have all your course preferences figured out? Before you hit send, please just take a look at these points to be sure that you haven't overlooked some common questions. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail them to


First-year Students Only

First-year Preceptorial Preferences Other Course Preferences
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3. Alternate:
Do not want: Alternate:

Transfer Students Only