Bill Crawford is a retired bank president. #


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Bill Crawford '42

President's Circle Member

Retired Bank President

Retired bank president Bill Crawford has been a member of the President's Circle for more than 20 years.

Bill Crawford is a retired bank president.

Why have you continued to give to Knox over such a long period of time?

Because it's a good investment. It needs financing, and we're building new buildings and repairing old buildings, and that all needs money. We wouldn't have a school if it wasn't for the men and women who give to Knox College.

What is the overall impact you hope your annual gift has on the college?

Well, I hope like everyone else does that the college keeps progressing like it is. I know we've got good leaders, president on down, and it does a great job with the kids coming in. They have all kinds of personalities and nationalities here at the school, and I just want to see the college stay like it is.

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Printed on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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