Chelsea Coventry is studying music at University of Nebraska-Lincoln #


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Chelsea Coventry '12

Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Majors in Music and Philosophy

Chelsea is working on a master’s degree in music with an emphasis on music theory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Chelsea Coventry is studying music at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Are you doing what you envisioned yourself doing while an undergraduate student?

I came to Knox thinking I would study neuroscience and eventually attend medical school. I always thought I would keep music as a recreational activity, and maybe minor in it. However, when I started taking music theory classes, I fell in love with the academic, rather than strictly performance, which is an aspect of music that I had never considered.

How has your Knox experience made an impact on your career?

I'm glad I had the chance to double major in philosophy, as that academic discipline teaches you how to think about difficult concepts in multiple ways to find the best explanation. Studying philosophy really sharpened my skills in music analysis, and the critical thinking skills I gained from this study can easily be applied to my chosen graduate school discipline. I'm grateful to have been able to work with Professor Brandon Polite, as he has a keen interest in music as well, and he helped me understand how I could use my studies in philosophy to enhance my musical understanding.

What's the most important thing you learned at Knox outside the classroom?

I learned about leadership and pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I came to Knox as a very shy and reserved person, and I remain pretty quiet by nature. However, I forced myself to get involved, and held leadership positions in several organizations, including Sigma Alpha Iota women's music fraternity, Newman Club, and String Ensemble. It could be difficult at times to be in charge of a group or an event, but I learned that I am capable of leading with confidence and working to make a positive impact with groups I care about.

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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2017

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