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On-Campus Summer Activities: Request Form


Office of Human Resources

Administrative Services Center

368 South Prairie Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


Fax: 309-341-7090


Ford Center for the Fine Arts

On-Campus Summer Activities Request Form is here: geK8PuZSXSXRSHkF6

The Dean of the College is accepting requests from students and sponsoring faculty/staff seeking approval for on-campus academic activities during the summer 2020. We are accepting such requests on the assumption that the current stay-at-home order in the state of Illinois will be modified in a way to make partial campus reopening possible. Since we do not know if and when that change might occur, such requests will be considered on a provisional basis only. It is possible that few or none of these requests may ultimately be approved.

Projects will be considered under the following criteria:
- The proposed activity cannot be effectively undertaken remotely; essential facilities and/or materials can only be accessed on campus. (Note: There is no guarantee that all facilities and campus resources will be available.)
- It is essential to engage in the project this summer to continue a student's academic progress. In other words, the project could not be delayed until a later date.
- The project must be accomplished with safe physical distancing. Students must be able to work independently, in accordance with existing safety guidelines. (For example, if lab supervision is normally required, it must be possible in this proposed instance as well.)

To apply, applicants must provide:
- student name or names if a group project
- name of faculty or staff supervisor
- description of the project and dates of activity
- campus locations(s) of the activity
- rationale for why the project must be undertaken on campus this summer

To submit a request, please complete this form: geK8PuZSXSXRSHkF6

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Printed on Tuesday, September 22, 2020