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Brief On-Campus Stays Guidelines


Division of Student Development

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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

March 30, 2020

Dear Knox Community,

As we settle into the stay-at-home executive order, I have received inquiries about whether it is permissible for those working remotely to return to campus to retrieve items needed to do their work or to spend a few hours or a day in the office to complete College work that cannot be done at home. The answer is that yes, it is permissible, provided that the CDC guidelines are followed. 

The purpose of the stay-at-home order is to prevent gatherings in which transmission can occur. While on campus, practice physical distancing and do not congregate in groups. Try to avoid visiting multiple locations on campus. Wash your hands before and after coming to campus, and use disinfectant wipes on surfaces that might have been touched by others, such as doorknobs. If you are not feeling well or have fever and other symptoms, do not come to campus.

Many of you have asked about whether buildings continue to be cleaned and sanitized, using appropriate disinfecting protocols. Building services staff are cleaning all restrooms and common areas daily in all residential and academic buildings. After a thorough cleaning of those spaces, all touchable areas (door handles, faucets, paper dispensers, etc.) are re-sprayed with disinfectant. Hand sanitizers placed at entrances are being checked and maintained.

Our goal is to do our part in limiting transmission by “depopulating” the campus as much as is reasonable. If you have questions about your particular situation, please consult your supervisor or Abby Putnam, Director of Health Services, by emailing

I am grateful that so many of you want to keep doing your work for Knox in these extraordinary times. We have always known that Knox is not a collection of buildings. We are a community of people, committed to one another and to the mission of the College. Thank you all.

Take care,




Knox College

Printed on Tuesday, September 22, 2020