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Nepali Club


Riya Dahal



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Nepali Club was officially established in 2020 due to the growing number of Nepali students, and the desire to share the culture with campus. The club serves as a platform for learning, educating, and sharing of different cultures, festivals and traditions.


  1. Contribute to the diversity on campus by hosting Nepali traditional events.
  2. Create space for Nepali students who belong to different ethnic groups in Nepal to engage in their culture.
  3. Help facilitate communication between Nepali students and students of other nationalities to break common stigmas. 
  4. Meet the growing need of Nepali students to celebrate their traditions.

Past Events

  1. I-fair culture booth: 
    The club represented Nepal with fun activities, and pictures during I-fair. 
  2. Collaboration with International Tea Hour: 
    Nepali club has collaborated with the Office of International Students to host a tea hour with famous Nepali milk and green tea!

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Printed on Thursday, March 4, 2021