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Honor Board

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Students not only developed the Honor Code, they also enforce it! The Honor Board consists of 12 students—four seniors, five juniors, and three sophomores—as well as four faculty members.

You'll find that students and faculty are committed to a community where trust and honesty are regarded with the utmost seriousness. Violations such as plagiarism and cheating are taken before the Honor Board.

The Honor Board's responsibilities include:

  • Investigating all formal reports of the suspected violation
  • Determining guilt or innocence of the person(s) involved
  • Specifying a punishment ranging from a failing grade to dismissal from the College

Honor Board Members

Each spring, the Honor Board Selection Committee appoints three first-year students to replace the outgoing senior members. In addition, the Faculty Executive Committee, in consultation with the Honor Board, appoints one faculty to replace the outgoing member. All appointments last for three years. Current board members include:

  • Co-chair, Shawn Lam, senior member
  • Co-chair, Rand Al Baka, junior member
  • Evelyn Martinez, senior member
  • Secretary, Taylor Skidmore, senior member
  • Hailey Bachman, senior member
  • Kesha Jackson, senior member
  • Claire Kang, senior member
  • Will Hu (alternate), senior member
  • Sarah Borchert, sophomore member
  • Lyebah Naveed, junior member
  • Christopher Andreou, sophomore member
  • Ujjwah Singh, sophomore member
  • Thomas Clayton, faculty member
  • Weihong Du, faculty member
  • Mark Slabodnick, faculty member

If you're in good academic standing, you may apply for a board position for your class (determined by graduation date). Students with any prior Honor Board convictions may apply but must address in the application how they regard those convictions in light of a possible appointment to the Board. The Honor Board Selection Committee then reviews all applications, invites each candidate to interview for the open positions, and makes its final selections. The committee also designates which selected students will be future co-chairs.

Honor Board Education Committee

Members of the Honor Board also form the Honor Board Education Committee. The primary responsibility of the committee is to work with the appropriate administrative officers, faculty members, and student organizations to increase community awareness of the Honor Code's purpose, policies, and procedures.

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Printed on Thursday, June 8, 2023