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Habitat for Humanity

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One of the world's most well-known nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to creating low-income housing for those in need. At Knox, you can spend part of your free time being trained in the basics of construction and working with Habitat for Humanity to create these homes.

Anyone can volunteer to work with the organization, and the Knox chapter of Habitat for Humanity works with the Knox County affiliate to build houses given to families through a no-interest loan.


  • Eliminating poverty and homelessness from the world
  • Providing training to new members
  • Reaching across the world to help those in need
  • Creating affordable housing. Houses built by Habitat can range from US $800 in foreign countries to an average of $60,000 in the USA.
  • Raising awareness about the environmental impact of construction and trying to be as sustainable as possible in creating new homes

To date, Habitat for Humanity has built over 300,000 houses in many countries all over the world. At Knox, you can become a part of this movement against poverty and know you have helped not only those in need locally, but around the world.

The Knox chapter of Habitat for Humanity has built houses in...

  • Laredo, Texas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Hawaii
  • Naples, Florida
  • Tutwiler, Mississippi
  • the Knox County area (continuous projects year-round)

Each year for Spring Break, Knox Habitat for Humanity travels to a different location to dedicate a week of their time to construction in areas that need it most.

Past events

  • Leaf-raking fundraisers
  • Homecoming activities
  • Building "Shantytowns" on campus out of cardboard to fundraise and raise awareness of poverty at home and abroad

Habitat for Humanity meets weekly and uses every available Saturday to build in the Knox County area. All are welcome to attend, learn, build, and make a difference.

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