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Garden Club


Natalie Donahue


2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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Things to Know about Garden Club

The mission of Garden Club is  "to garden with the environment in mind, to learn about all types of living creatures both within and beyond the garden, and to implant campus discussions about food justice as an important aspect of larger social issues."

We define a garden as an oasis that is not just a plot of land, but a social movement that builds community.

No garden experience is needed to be a part of Garden Club- we will learn to garden together!

Our faculty advisor is Peter Schwartzman.

About Us

Our goals are to relate to the living environment in a positive way by fostering biodiversity on campus. We do this by helping regenerate the land through butterfly waystations and other campus landscaping practices which provide habitat. We are interested in the creation of continuous wild zones as opposed to isolated plots like the prairie patch near the tennis courts. In addition to rewilding, we prioritize producing food in a way that harmonizes with the land and creates healthy ecosystems.

We advocate for a greater percentage of what the cafeteria buys to come from fair trade, local, and ecologically responsible sources. Garden Club does this by volunteering at the Knox high tunnel and raising awareness about issues through food campaigns. We also recognize the community building aspect of gardening, as the activity strengthens our relationship to the earth and each other. Reaching out to the wider Galesburg community by volunteering at Knox Prairie Community Kitchen and working in their garden is another way we try and assist in the creation of a just, equitable food system beyond Knox.

We also help with the planning of Prairie Fire Bioneers Conference during Fall term as another way to reach out to Galesburg and bring awareness of happenings of the environmental movement. We continue to bring this awareness through screening documentaries on campus, and organizing relevant field trips.

In the future, we hope to plant more fruit bearing trees around campus, as well as other edible perennials. We want to see campus grounds landscape with an ecological perspective, rather than having small sections around campus that have to be initiated and maintained by students. One way to achieve this is to certify the whole campus as a butterfly waystation. We are intending on holding a bake sale this spring to help raise funds for this cause.

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