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Cellar Door


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A relatively new publication on campus, Cellar Door began in 2006, and issues aim to include not only student work but also that of professors and a well-known writer from the literary world outside of Knox. Kevin Stein, the Poet Laureate of Illinois wrote for the first issue. Hannah Tinti and Michael Martone have lent their words to later issues.

Designed as a literary magazine that goes through a different editing process than Knox's oldest magazine Catch, Cellar Door invites all students to submit work they will be willing to workshop and then enter the revised version into the magazine. While Catch is more selective in its blind submission selection process, the only requirement for publication in Cellar Door is love on the writer's part of his or her own work and their desire to discuss it with other students to improve it. This is an innovative editorial process of which Knox is the first undergraduate college to have embraced.


  • Providing an outlet for student writing and art for anyone who wishes to submit
  • Incorporating all kinds of art on campus at the reception for each issue, including dancers from Terpsichore, live jazz music, and readings from the magazine
  • Encouraging students not to be intimidated by but instead embrace the opportunities for publication on campus
  • Involving a guest writer in each issue

Cellar Door has a submission drive during Fall term and Winter term. In keeping with the publication's desire to spread art to everyone and connect all kinds of art, the receptions for issues often aim to incorporate the Galesburg community as well, with past receptions at places downtown such as McGillacuddy's Restaurant during performances like Off Knox.

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Printed on Tuesday, May 18, 2021