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First-Year Experience

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As you begin your first year at Knox, participating in first-year experience (FYE) programs will be an exciting introduction to the Knox College community. FYE programs will introduce you to the wide variety of activities which take place everyday on the Knox campus, and provide you with resources vital to your academic success at Knox. Opportunities to connect with other students, faculty, and staff throughout the year will assist you in making the most of your first year at college!

First 6-Week Challenge

Win Prizes by Participating in the First 6-Week Challenge! Throughout Fall Term, first-year students who attend or participate in First 6-Week Challenge programs will be eligible for prizes and other opportunities. There will be both individual and suite-based prizes to be awarded throughout Fall Term.  Examples of First 6-Week Challenge programs include:

  • Student Organization Fair Attendence
  • Knox/Galesburg Community Fair (sponsored by the Bastian Family Center for Student Success)
  • First-Year Karaoke Night
  • Sponsored Programs by the Intercultural Life Office, the Counseling Center, The Center for Teaching and Learning, the Campus Life Office, and others.

Here's a full schedule of the Fall 2023 events!

Weekly Highlighted Programs

Each week during Fall Term, first-year students will receive an email with information on 4 or 5 campus events which highlight the exciting and diverse activities happening at Knox.  Attending one or two of these programs each week will provide first-year students an understanding of how many different things there are on campus in which to become engaged or simply to enjoy.  Plus, students will get "challenge points" for attending as well!

Weekly Podcasts

Tune in each week for a podcast specifically with first-year students in mind!  Student-created, these podcasts could be about anything - from Best Places to Study On Campus, to Time Management at Mid-Term Time.  The first podcast will debut the 2nd week of the term.


Questions about the many aspects of being a first-year student at Knox, answered by Sophomore students who know what they are talking about!  Check back in the 2nd week of the term so your questions can be answered!

First-Year Student Focus

Beginning the 2nd week of the term, visit this site regularly to see which first-year student we're focusing on this week

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