A student harvests tomatoes in the Knox High Tunnel.

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Students meet under a tree, outside the Gizmo.

Group 101

Wednesdays from January 17, 2018 to March 7, 2018

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM


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This general process group will provide opportunities for students to discuss issues and concerns that create stumbling blocks to success. Topics may include relationships, communication styles, stress management, and general life concerns.

All groups are open, meaning that students can join at any time. An intake session with a counselor is required before joining a group. You can schedule an intake session by contacting Counseling Services at (309)-341-7492 or at During the intake, the counselor will speak with you about your concerns and what services best align with your needs.

If you are interested in a particular group, mention it to the counselor during your session. If you are already seeing a counselor, feel free to voice any interest in a group during a regular session.


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