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Grammy Award winner Maria Schnieder "Music and the Creative Arts in the Digital Economy"

November 07 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Kresge Recital Hall

This event is open to the public.

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A passionate advocate for artists seeking to control, manage, distribute, and sell their creative work, Maria's talk will engage artists seeking to understand the legal challenges and the creative opportunities present in our globally and digitally connected world. Further, her critical and political engagement with the thorny issues of music and arts consumption in a digital age will speak to anyone who has ever attended a concert, downloaded an album or photograph, or streamed a video, offering insight into the ethics of art consumption and our individual and collective roles in the future of the arts.


Maria Schneider is widely considered one of the greatest living composers and bandleaders in the jazz world. She is one of only a few artists to have received Grammy nominations and awards in multiple genre categories, and she is a trailblazer for women in the jazz world, as one of the only female composers and large-ensemble bandleaders to have achieved international renown. Maria’s 2015 collaboration with David Bowie (“Sue - Or in a Season of Crime”) was awarded a Grammy for Best Arrangement-Instrument and Vocals, and created the groundwork for the founding of the ensemble with which Bowie recorded his final album. Maria has been awarded Grammys for composition, best recording, and best ensemble (in both jazz and classical categories).

Beyond her accolades as a composer and bandleader, Maria has become one of the leading advocates for intellectual and creative rights protections. Maria has spoken before Congress as an advocate for copyright protection and fair legislative and legal practices that support, protect, and generate creative work. She was one of the original participating artists of Artistshare, the first internet crowd-funding platform for musicians, and her 2005 album Concert in the Garden (funded solely through Artistshare support) was the first recording in history to win a Grammy without being sold in retail stores.

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