Student inside the Knox Farm High Tunnel on opening day.

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A fall sunset from the west side of Ford Center for the Fine Arts


Wednesdays from October 18, 2017 to November 15, 2017

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Hard Knox Cafe

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Have you ever wondered why some Christians worship in a building where Jesus is on the cross and some Christians worship in a building where the cross is empty?

Have you ever wonder what a Hijab is and who wears one and why? Have you ever wondered what the Torah is?

What religion has reincarnation in their belief system?

Come by for lunch to learn what might be the answer to these questions, and help us come up with some new ones! In a friendly non-judgy environment we will share lunch (coffee, tea, or hot chocolate) in the cafe on Wednesday, get to know each other, and learn about each other!


Raised last year

More than 7,600 alumni, parents, and friends gave to Knox students and faculty last year totaling 13 million dollars

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