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Virtual Info & Recruiting Session w/ Lawrence Hall

May 05 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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Talent Acquisition Specialist with Lawrence Hall. Jennifer Jones will be hosting this information and recruiting session, in order to talk about what Lawrence Hall is, what they stand for, and what job opportunities they are currently looking to fill. RSVP required.

Lawrence Hall was founded in 1865 to meet the needs of the thousands of orphaned children of the Civil War. The Rev. Martin Van Arsdale responded to their needs by opening one of the city’s first shelters for homeless boys. Eventually, these shelters became known as Lawrence Hall School for Boys. Judge Mary Bartelme, a pioneer in the juvenile justice system and colleague of Jane Adams in the settlement movement, opened her home to troubled girls. In 1960, the Mary Bartelme Club merged with the Chicago Home for Girls, creating “Mary Bartelme Homes and Services.” Lawrence Hall is committed to building a diverse group of future leaders within our organization. We’re focused on creating a great place for employees to thrive and we offer an accelerated training program designed to build both leadership and technical skills. Our job opportunities create an opportunity to leverage the power of all Human Services and many other degrees with real career momentum. We offer web-based, on-the-job training, mentor support, and extensive networking opportunities to help staff achieve success.

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