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Day of Dialogue: Our Identities within Education (Session 1)

April 14 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


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For the first dialogue (1:30 - 3 pm CST), members of the campus community will gather in racial affinity groups to directly respond to Dr. Bettina Love’s talk. Through reflecting on their educational experiences, participants will discuss what it means to matter in a classroom, what spaces and activities support learning and joy, and how educational institutions can better serve the needs of all students.

To participate, please fill out this form. To sign up to be a potential facilitator, please fill out this form.


Please note all campus events are currently only open to current Knox College students, faculty, and staff. For athletic events please read the Outdoor Sport Spectator Policies for Spring 2021. For more information please read our Knox Together Campus Visitor Policy.



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