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Student inside the Knox Farm High Tunnel on opening day.

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Old Main seen through the leaves of a tree.

Open Studio Midterm Show

Daily from Sunday, February 7, 2021 to Friday, February 26, 2021

All Day

Whitcomb Art Center and Virtual

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The dates of the show are: Feb 7-26, 2021. The show is in the WAC crit space. There will not be an opening or closing because of Covid restrictions. Starting February 22, the Knox community (only small groups of 2-3 people at a time and with masks) can see the show, though it's best seen online.

Please view the show "I'll Be Seeing You"

Please note all campus events are currently only open to current Knox College students, faculty, and staff. Athletic events are currently not open to any spectators. For more information please read our Knox Together Campus Visitor Policy.


First Bronze Turkey Game

The Knox-Monmouth football game is one of the oldest college rivalries in the country.

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