Students talking on a bench on the south lawn of Old Main.

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Students meet under a tree, outside the Gizmo.

Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS)

Thursdays from October 10, 2019 to November 21, 2019

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

The Human Rights Center (HRC)

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Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS) is a Human Rights Center Organization dedicated to both nuanced discourse and meaningful activism. SASS aims to cultivate a community for social justice activists to confront oppressive structures on our campus, in our communities, and globally. SASS brings speakers, lecturers, and performers, who celebrate feminist scholarship and activism, to Knox. Open forums, awareness campaigns, art statements, marches, and conversations are all included in SASS’ efforts. SASS welcomes everyone to meetings in the hope of varied, ongoing and lively dialogue, and increased understanding of what it means to be “against sexism.”



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