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The Office of Rodney Davis and Douglas Wilson

Office of Doug Wilson and Rod Davis

Professors Rodney Davis's and Douglas Wilson's time at Knox has spanned close to 50 years and yielded numerous books and awards, as well as multitudes of publications. They began studying Lincoln together in the 1980s and formed the Lincoln Studies Center in 1997. Their work has helped expand the history of Lincoln and hasn't gone unnoticed, with both winning high praise from fellow Lincoln historians. They were jointly honored for their Lincoln scholarship by the State of Illinois with the Order of Lincoln, and Wilson's books Honor's Voice and Lincoln's Sword both were awarded the Lincoln Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of American history.

While currently on the third floor of Old Main, the Lincoln Studies Center will move to Alumni Hall once the building's renovation is complete.

1. Szold Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of History Rodney Davis

2. George A. Lawrence Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of English Douglas L. Wilson

3. The Lincoln Laureate Prize, given to Doug Wilson in 2007. It is one of eight busts and statues of Lincoln in the room. Can you find them all?

4. Two framed cover stories from January 1991 and November1992 written by Doug Wilson for The Atlantic.

5. Two original 19th-century paintings of Lincoln and Douglas by an unknown artist.

6. A weaving made by Wilson's wife, Sharon. He liked the weaving so much he decided to display it at work.

7. A portable microfilm reader used by both Davis and Wilson so they can "easily take some work home."

8. An Alexander Hesler photograph of then presidential candidate Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois.

9. The "heart" of the Lincoln Studies Center research library, including the eight-volume Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln; the first biography of Lincoln, written by J.G. Holland and published in 1866; and an original edition of F. B. Carpenter's Six Months in the White House written in 1866; among others.

10. A print of the Currier & Ives political cartoon print from 1860, "The National Game. Three ‘Outs' and One ‘Run,'" featuring the four candidates for president at the time.

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