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I Am Knox -- Eve Martinez '15


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Eve Martinez '16


Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Majors: Chemistry/Spanish
Campus Involvements:
Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Student Senate
Class Year:

Three Facts About Eve

  1. Eve plans to attend graduate school and pursue a career in chemistry, perhaps as an environmental research scientist.
  2. Eve, a McNair Scholar, is working with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Helen Hoyt '01 on research in "green chemistry," the innovative scientific field that blends chemistry and environmental sustainability.
  3. Eve will study abroad during winter term 2015 through Knox's program in Barcelona, Spain.

Why did you choose your two majors?
I did the Spanish [major] to get more in touch with my ethnic roots. Chemistry was something that I discovered I loved-and I wanted to continue pursuing-in my sophomore year. When I took a chemistry course, I realized that was something I was far more interested in. It was really a huge surprise to me because I didn't even like chemistry in high school.

Can you briefly explain your research work with Helen Hoyt and why it appeals to you?
Two other students and I are working on synthesizing an iron catalyst with her. I've always had an interest in the environmental chemistry side of things. The project ultimately has a goal of synthesizing this catalyst prototype that can be used by pharmaceutical companies to produce medicines that would be cheaper to make. It has a social impact and an environmental impact. That's why I liked this project.

What are some of the things you like best about Knox?
You get this personal connection with the professors, and it really shows how much they truly care about the students. They'll ask you, "How's your day going? How's your term going?" Sometimes I wonder if I would have gotten that if I had gone to another school. I don't think that I would. Right here, at this school, I've been able to do everything that I wanted -- plus more. Knox is a place where students want to continue pursuing an education, even after [finishing] here. That's motivated me to pursue graduate studies.

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