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Knox Alumni Mentoring Opportunities


Eric Johnson

Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, Campus Connections

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Mentoring happens every day in a variety of settings. Often times a student just needs an answer to a quick question, while other times they're looking for a longer-term contact who can help them navigate early career decisions.

Knox alumni and friends can easily offer to mentor current students or fellow alumni through KNect. This online community allows alumni to offer career advice, help make connections and give general "life after Knox" guidance.

As a mentor, you have the option to control the number of people you want to mentor as well as the type of mentoring you want to offer.

This video tutorial explains how mentoring works within KNect.

What are some topics I should discuss with students or alumni who reach out?

Topics for mentoring may include professional advice, financial life skills, navigating a new city, and more. As a mentor, you should take some time to think about what you are comfortable talking about. Below are a few conversation starters.

  • What are your long and short-term goals?
  • What are your strengths? Weaknesses or challenges?
  • What student organizations are you involved in?
  • What is your favorite class?
  • Have you done a summer internship? What did you learn?
  • Have you done an off-campus study program?
  • Why did you choose to attend Knox?
  • Why did you choose your major?

How can I be an effective mentor?

It can also be useful for students and/or alumni to hear about your career and life paths. Understanding how people go from graduation to their first job and the next is extremely valuable, and underscores the value of a liberal arts education.

Below are some tips for having an effective mentoring conversation with a student or other alumni.

  1. Define the goal for the mentoring relationship, as well as your own.
  2. Manage the expectations around the mentoring relationship. Be clear about what you can and cannot help with and how often you will be able to communicate.
  3. Practice active listening and ask clarifying questions as needed.
  4. Ask open-ended questions to spark discussion.
  5. Assist students in learning how to come to their own conclusions and solve their own problems, instead of offering ready-made solutions.

You are always welcome to refer students and other alumni to the Bastian Family Center For Career Success.

In addition, if you are looking to change careers, make the transition from graduate school to the world of work, or simply seeking new opportunities, please visit the Career Services for Alumni Page for more information.

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