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Alumni gathering in Alumni Hall, Homecoming 2015.

Class of 1968 50th Reunion


Office of Alumni Relations

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


888-566-9265 (Toll Free)

309-341-7029 (fax)


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East entry to Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Come and join your 1968 classmates for Homecoming 2018, October 19-21, on the Knox College campus to celebrate the 50th Reunion!

Co-chairs Lee Balgemann, Mary Mangieri Burgland, Chip Evans, John Heyer, and Kathy St Cyr have agreed to serve along with a large 50th Reunion Committee. They are excited about planning a fun and memorable weekend. Besides the 50th Reunion dinner, there will be a reception, recognition at Homecoming Convocation, and induction into the FYC (Fifty Year Club). 

Watch a fun video of your classmates inviting you back to Knox for the 50th Reunion!

In addition to planning special events, the Reunion Committee is committed to encouraging classmates to consider a meaningful 50th Reunion contribution. What better time to reflect upon the role that Knox College has had in your life than during your 50th Reunion? A significant gift can express your gratitude for your Knox experience during this milestone year and it can enrich the Knox experience for future generations of students. All gifts given to Knox between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2019 from members of the Class of 1968 will count toward the 50th Reunion Class Gift. The Committee also has set a goal to reach 50 percent giving participation, so if you haven't made a gift since before June 30, 2016, your contribution will especially help attain this objective.

Give Now

Interested in learning more about making a gift from an IRA, annuity, or other special gift? Contact Scott Park at 309-341-7459 or

50th Reunion Questionnaire

As part of your 50th Reunion celebration, a keepsake booklet will be published featuring short classmate biographies and favorite Knox College memories. Please complete the form and include a current photo. The photo is not required, but they make the booklet much more fun!  Entries must be received by July 15 in order to be included in the Reunion booklet.Some of this information may also be used in upcoming issues of the FYC Bulletin.

Fill out the 50th Reunion Questionnaire now.

Reconnect with Classmates and Friends

You can find contact information for members of the Class of 1968 in the Knox Online Community. You will need to be a member of the community to view the information. When you look up information in the Knox Online Community, you will be prompted to log in. If you are not a member of the online community, go to "Click here for First Time Login." If you forgot your login information, click "Forgot your username?" and follow the prompts. You can search for individuals by name or view the entire class by choosing the class year. Check back often, since this information is frequently updated. 

Another way to connect with classmates is the Knox '68 Facebook group. Join the Knox '68 Facebook Group today!

Need to make a hotel reservation? See the list of local hotels.

See Who's Planning to Attend the Reunion

Michael E. Bagan
Lee A. Balgemann
Rodney J. Barker
Alan J. Birkner
Christina Schoenberg Black
Victor Brown
James Buechl
Barbara G. Burek
Mary Mangieri Burgland
Alice McClenahan Burk
Mark W. Burkhalter
William Butts
Blake J. Cate
Joseph L. Cecchi
Norman R. Close
Virginia Mallow Close
Linda Richards Colacurcio
Heather Milliken Daina
Michael J. Dietz
David Dowley
Thomas Drabant
Robert Duckles
Gregory F. Duick
Howell L. Evans
Jean Matlock Fletcher Fatz
Janice Thies Fettig
Lynn Galbraith Fissell
Susan Barry Flandreau
Craig Fochler
William Foss
Ken Furst
Martha Smith Gilson
John R. Gold
Daniel Gunning
Ronald Haas
Joseph D. Hammon
Peggy Binnion Hart
Stephen Hayashi
Jack M. Herbig
A. John Heyer
Karen McCully Hong
Walter A. Hoyt
Patrick Irwin
Jo Ann Johansen
Janet Hidde Kane
Mark Lipton
Marcea Bland Lloyd
Nancy E. Brunk Loncke
Robert M. Long
Janet C. MacKay
Paul E. Madsen
Frank Mannino
Jean Belieff Mannino
Roy A. Matthews
Thomas Mellen
Susan Meyer Mika
Will J. Millard
David Mueller
Holly S. Thompson Nelson
Richard Nelson
Gail Papke
Linda Rundquist Parr
Susan Bennetsen Postel
Murvel Pretorius
Ruth Herbert Reed
Nancy Neal Ross
Bradley Routon
Kathryn Karsten Rushing
Robert W. Rushing
Harvey S. Sadow
James Schine
Alan Schmidt
Judith E. Schmidt
Thomas Seaman
Steven L. Seward
Richard Smith
Barbara Por Srur
E. Katherine St. Cyr
Ronald Stern
James Stewart
Pamela Harrison Stoffel
Kathryn Suter
Clifford Svoboda
Vicki Turner Svoboda
Carolyne Swanson-McPherson
Richard Sweeney
Theodore Szostkowski
Charles L. Tamminga
Richard Turner
Susan Tracy Van Kirk
Nancy Oertley Varness
Jo Anne Rawlings Vieweg
Peggy Vogelsinger
Jane Crawford Walker
Jane Wall
Christine Wilson Weegar
Anne Wylie Weiher
Ira L. Weiner
Janet Vanek Weiner
Jill Thiele Wetmore
Anne Maxfield Wilkinson
David York
Ronald Zager

50th Reunion Committee: 

Christina Schoenberg Black
Barbara Burek
Jack Cate
Norman Close
Virginia Mallow Close
Michael Dietz
Janice Thies Fettig
Ken Furst
John Gold
Joe Hammon
Jack Herbig
Marcea Bland Lloyd
Nancy Brunk Loncke
Robert Long
Paul Madsen
Frank Mannino
Jean Belieff Mannino
Susan Meyer Mika
Will Millard
Kathy Karsten Rushing
Bob Rushing
Harvey Sadow
Wendy Saul
Judy Schmidt
Theodore Szostkowski
Susan Tracy Van Kirk
Jane Crawford Walker
Jane Wall
Jill Thiele Wetmore

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