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P. Megan Clayton

Coordinator, Fifty Year Club

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Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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The Scroll of Honor award is presented to FYC members, including honorary members, to recognize  lifetime achievements in the service of their community, society, or humanity.

FYC members and friends may submit names and biographical information for consideration. Up to three awards will be presented annually. Nominate a member for the Knox-Lombard Scroll of Honor online, or send the name and a brief biographical sketch to Megan Clayton, associate director of FYC programs, Knox College Campus Box K-210, Galesburg, Illinois 61401. Members of the

Knox College Board of Trustees and those who have received the Knox College Alumni Achievement Award are not eligible for the award. 

2015 Scroll of Honor recipients:

Karen Dittmer Bowyer '63

Bowyer Scroll of Honor

Karen Dittmer Bowyer '63 received advanced degrees from both Rutgers and the University of Alabama after graduating from Knox. In her career, Karen taught or administered at six different schools. Since 1984, she has served as president of Dyersburg State Community College. There, she worked to develop off-campus centers, initiated a degree program for two branches of the school, and began the College's first annual fund campaign.

She is the past chair on the Committee on Latin American Schools of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and a past member of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity for the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Her community service includes serving as a member of Kiwanis, as past chair of the West Tennessee United Way Board, as a member of the Dyer County Chamber of Commerce, as fundraising chair of the Dyer County Chapter of the American Red Cross, and as a board member for Girl Scouts and the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. Her many awards include an honorary doctorate from Knox College in 1995, Outstanding Staff Member at Dyersburg State Community College, and Outstanding Business Woman in Dyer County, Tennessee. At Knox, Karen has been a class agent and a Reunion volunteer.

Elizabeth C. Brook '41

After graduating from Knox College and teaching history for a year, Elizabeth C. Brook '41 did something few women did in the 1940s; she joined the U.S. Navy. Elizabeth went through basic training and was commissioned as a lieutenant. She was posted in Washington, D.C., during World War II. When she accepted a position with the State Department a few years later, as a secretary at U.S. embassies, she began a more than 25-year career that took her all over the world. She traveled and served in such places as Saigon, Berlin, Cairo, and Beirut. In all, she served on eight assignments in eight countries. Elizabeth now lives in Sarasota, Florida, and was awarded the Diamond Circle of Delta Delta Delta in 2014.

Barbara Lee Fay '61

Barb Fay Scroll of Honor

Barbara Lee Fay '61, of Overland Park, Kansas, retired in 2005 as administrator of the Butler Manufacturing Company Foundation, monitoring local and national nonprofit organizations and trends in social services, education and the arts.

She currently serves as elder and moderator for her church outreach and mission committee, which, over the past several years, has donated over $1 million to help build a school in Guatemala and provided startup funds for several programs to address the needs of youth aging out of the foster care system, to name just a few projects. Barbara also is vice president of marketing and publicity for the LIVE! in Lexington Concert Series, and is secretary of the Lexington Auditorium Association.

A member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women, Barbara has served as president of the Kansas City Area Alumnae Club, received the International Award for Leadership, and served as an elected officer at the international level for eight years, providing direction and leadership to 73 alumnae organizations in a four-state area.

Past positions include president of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Women's Council, supporting women in graduate studies, and president of Friendship House/Catherine's Place, residential recovery homes for women and their children. Barbara is trustee emerita of Kansas City Repertory Theatre, and an advisory board member of the Coterie Theatre. She is a member of the Central Exchange, an organization that provides a venue and voice for women seeking their full potential.

Barbara holds an M.L.A. degree from Baker University.

As a Knox volunteer, she has been a class agent, an alumni club contact for Kansas City, admission volunteer, and a 50th Reunion volunteer. Barbara is married to Bill Fay, also a member of the Class of 1961. They are the parents of five married children and 14 grandchildren.

Past Scroll of Honor Recipients

Barbara BJ Bjorkman '54, Frank Gustine '60, Patricia Burke Herminghouse '62

Will Burrow '63, Jane Ehrenberg Rosen '61, Cliff Van Dyke '51

John D. Cooke  '52, Sue Brown Cowing '60, K. Lane Miller '50

Jane Denninger Erickson '50, Janet Drew Larsen '60, Marjorie Stuart Waters '52

Dorothy Thomas Wharton '55, Jerry Peck* '57, Anne Cooper Munson '57 

 Ann Jung Finney '58, John "Jack" Munson '55, Robert L. Willett Jr. '50

Joan Felter Hotchkiss '50, Len A. Kuchan  '53, Jack Reiners '56

Robert Cannon*, Honorary Member, Barbara Lemke '44, Tony Liberta '55

Grace Bacon Bacher '50, Ralph Cianchetti '50, Robert J. Miller '52*

Anne Claypool Brown '52, Robert Hegel '52, L. Davant Mull '51*

Harold F. Pyke '53, Patricia Kimble Simmons '51, Betty Jane Tate Turney '44*

Mildred Derry Dubois '41, Marian Wetmore Osterloh '33*, D. William Sherrick '52

Jay Burgess '51, Donald Favreau '49*, Charles Gibbs '50

James R. Bowman '48, H. Geraldine DuMars '40*, Sam Rinella '49

Bradley A. Burnside '45*, Marye McElvaine Immenhausen '45, Gustav J. Rieckhoff Jr. '48

Anderson, Claude Anderson '47*, Arthur Johnson '47*, Joy Kerler King '47, Robert J.L. Sundberg '40*, Mary Woolsey Thomson '44*

Anne Brown Byram '38*, Ruth M. Coppedge '39*, Robert Miller '34*, Frieda Ellerbrake O'Haggarty '33*, Dorothy Peterson Ray '39, Rex Selk '40*, Betty Urquhart '40*

Eugene Bonham * '37, George E. Bowman '34*, Dwight R. Crandell '44*, Margaret Zelle McClellan '40*, Helen Scharfenberg Peters '36, Dorothea Richardson '29*, Leno Tattini '40

Beatrice Farwell Duncan '42*, Elizabeth Johnson Harris '37*, Robert F. Layton '37*, Gail Meadows '34*, Grace Smyth '34*, Isabelle Terrill '33*, Barbara Young '42

Edwin R. Armstrong '42*, Jean Porter Benson '43*, Marian Miner Miller '42*, Henry Rasmussen Jr. '41*, David T. Robinson '38*, J. Harold Shullaw '38*, F. Marian Walker '38*

Michael Newman Adams '33*, David L. Hamm '40*, Margaret Howe Hamm '42*, George John Matkov '38*, Daniel J. Roberts '42*, Mary Onken Styrt '43

Frederick Bromberger '40*, Neva Marsden Fach '29*, Charles S. Gamble '41*, Robert Y. Paddock  '39*, Mary Dilworth Rea '36*, Russell Swise '42*, Vincent A. Thomas '36*

Alice Richardson Dakin '38*, Russell G. Harris '35*, George W. Hendrickson L'26*, Kenneth T. Johnson '41, Ruth Miner-Kessel '41, Paul Pickrel '38, Arthur W. Young  '39*

John Baudino '39*, Irwin Berg '36*, William Blake '36*, Evelyn Clay L'32*, Margaret Peterson Crosby '37*, William Snyder '27*, Sarabeth Richardson Welch '40*

Bernard Crandell '36*, William Day '34*, Jane Gray Eberhard '34*, Harold Ford '39*, Dorothy Alsen Lass '39*, Helen Larson McMillan L'28*

Dalton, Roberta Christy Dalton '34*, Goff, Richard Goff '37*, Hanawalt, Ella Hanawalt  '13*, Lampe, John A. Lampe '33*, Matkov, Ignatius "Iggy" Matkov '29*, Robison, Charles B. Robison '34*, Rowe, Frances Hazen Rowe '34*

Richard Agnew '29*, Marion Yeoman Baker '37*, Russell Lane '33*, Robert McLaughlin '36*, Roy Rylander L'25*, Grace Wargo Stephano '33*, James Knox Welch '37*

Robert Gamble '35*, Viola Meeker Hall L'28*, Irene Bowman Landis '36*, William K. Richardson '34*, Eleanor M. Senn '30*, Marion Charles Van Norman '27*

Harper Andrews '29*, Edith Prescott Crabbe '32, Rose Erlandson '27*, J. Kenneth Gunther '32*, Maurine Smith Hamilton '29*, Helen Lindrothe '32*, Nancy McLellan Merritt '32*

Alice Simmons Cox L'25*, Dorothy M. Drake '25*, James W. Drew '34*, Sarah Shurtleff Drew '34*, Elizabeth Blodgett Hall '32*, Virginia Hinchliff '32, Richard A. Hoover '30*, Doris Miles Williams '33*

Dorothy Chamberlin Bednar '32*, Geraldine Owen Delaney '28*, Althea McConnell Gittings L'24*, John L. Grout '29*, Noel B. Mosher L'27*, Lawrence E. Rosenberg '30*

Ann Shaw Darling '23*, Violet Field L'28*, Hilmer C. Nelson L'25*, Alice C. Saar '29*, Howard Silberer '31*, Clarendon Van Norman '26*, Frank A. Whiteside L'27*

William H. Alexander '26*, Jane Root Church '30*, Evelyn Adams Costello L'24*, Joseph Gray '26*, Mary Louise Hoagland '29*, Jonathan W. Latimer '29*, Marion Venell L'28*, Erma Rose Wilson '24*

Baily, John R. Baily L'29*, Bednar, Charles J. Bednar '29*, Brennan, Lawrence Brennan L'29*, Drew, George E. Drew '29*, May, Helen Christy May '25*, Terry, Willis E. Terry '04*, Watson, William A. Watson L'25*

Raymond L. Anderson '29*, Raymond L. Arnold '29*, Ruth M. Erlandson '28*, Elden D. Finley '23*, Alma Lescher Fox '19*, Von E. Livingston '25*, Richard Nesti L '28*, Margaret E. Thompson '17*, Helen Dopp Verner '27*

Helen Weinberg Browning '14*, Lauren W. Goff L'25*, Henry L. Hughes L'21*, Dorrit Dodds Jones '22*, William H. Robson '22*, Sylvia C. Ryin '25*

James Eugene Conklin '27*, Willard B. Dean '19*, Georgia Wesner Ellaworth*, William R. Fritze L'27*, Hortense Gehring L'27*, Calvin Hammond '28*, George Hansman L'28*, Mildred Fairbairn Hoopes '25*, Milton C. Hult '19*, Isyl Spiker Walton*

H. Dewey Ewing '25*, Ildra Jessup Larson '21*, Jonathan L. Latimer '18*, Cecil C. Lescher '16*, Irene Bridge Mariner '12*, Mary Esther Shaw '23*, Alice Wolfram Smith '25*, Dorothy Spoerl L'27*, Harold C. Whitman L'25*, Gail Youngren L'27*

John R. Anderson L'22*, Faith Hague Bartlett '17*, John Herbert Coolidge '24*, Philip* Drew '25*, Cyrena Margaret Everist '21*, G. Dewey Imig '21*, Arthur Lawrence (posthumous) 1898*, Linneus A. Lawrence '22*, Horace Russell Smith '24*, Thayne Harwood Young '16*

Reuben W. Brockmueller L'25*, Thomas Clark '17*, Mary E. Dunn '15*, Palmer D. Edmunds 12*, George Washington IV Gale '24*, Czarina M. Hall L'13*, Roy L. Lamb L'25*, Cuyler S. MacRae '24*, D. Leland Swanson '10*

Albro, Ralph F. Albro '23*, Craft, Marcus Craft '18*, Enz, Lois Hurlbut Enz '20*, Lawyer, Charles Kenneth Lawyer '25*, Neice, Brett Neice L'23*, Nelson, Thomas E. Nelson L'20*, Robson, Harriet Eleanor Robson '14*, Urban, Waldo Oswald Urban '22*

Crosiar G. Bower '20*, Marjorie Churchill '22*, Murlin G. Hoover '20*, Leonard R. James '17*, Harold V. Mather '10*, Ruth Chamerlin Miller L'12*, Archie S. Morse '16*, Harold F. Peterson '22*, Katherine Wensburg '21*

Eastes, Helen M. Eastes '17*, Houck, Margaret Elliott Houck '19*, Kistler, Lewis W. Kistler '16*, McKelvey, Louis W. McKelvey '20*, Salzburg, Harold K. Salzburg '24*, Stofft, Edmond B. Stofft '20*, Turner, Margaret Fuller Turner '18*. White, Guy L. White '18*, Wood, Ernest J. Wood '13*

Lawrence E. Boyd '19*, Kenneth L. Carpenter L'21*, Eila Vanelle Hiler '19*, Kendall G. Hinman '19*, Helen B. Hubbard '16*, Mary Louise Kidney '17*, Agnes Olson Kirchhoff '14*, John H. Midkiff '17*

John M. Baker '19*, Ray M. Brown '14*, Noel Craig '12*, Robert H. McClure '15*, Simon Guy Parks '18*, Catharine Crissey Probst L'18*, Paul G. Spellbring '18*, George H. Wells '13*, Nettie Krantz Wilcox '16*

Margaret Louise Anderson '17*, Mary Fern Barrer '18*, Lewis Raymond Billett '17*, James Ray Blayney '12*, Helen Calkins '16*, Carrie Belle Carroll 1895*, Faye Phillips Frazier '15*, Hobart Raymond Gay '17*, Edward Benedict Grogan '13*, Inez Goodsill Heuber '10*, Ward W. Husted L'17*, Margaret Evelyn Jacobson '12*, Ralph A. Kimble '18*, Ruth Hazen Kimble '18*, Henry W. Lampe '01*, Hugh E. Rosson '16*, Craig G. Whitsitt '10*

William M. Bardens '17*, Frederick Beard '12*, Ray Swan Belcher L'07*, Earl R. Bridge '10*, Mina Van Cleave Buck '01*, Agnes Hartley Cole '13*, Verna L. Cooley '13*, Mary Allensworth Creighton '16*, Harold Hands '14*, Louise T. Harrington '17*, Albert Malcolm Walton '15*, Katherine Whitener '10*, Helen Trask Yates '14*

Nettie C. Allen '00*, Martha Illick Ambrecht '00*, William Kinney Crawford '14*, Ferris B. Crum '16*, Fannie Harff Glidden '02*, Edith F. Hardy '13*, Grace F. Hinchliff '10*, Constance H. Loesch '13*, Ralph D. Lucas '14*, Margaret Edgerton Moore 1895*, Ethel Chamberlain Porter '06*, Willis H. Rich L'05*, Ralph F. Ruth '13*, Harry Lee Smith '10*, Worcester Warren '12*, Inez Webster L'05*, John C. Weigel L'08*, Malachi Wickham '09*

Violet Briggs Brown '12*, Mary Willard Clark '04*, Clifford Bateman Ewart '09*, Martha Alice Good '12*, Arthur Ray Grummon '11*, George Ferris Hayes '10*, Harry Hayes '12*, Nell Townsend Hinchliff L'04*, Mary Willard Hurlbut '15*, Florence Shepard Ingersoll '15*, Robert E. Jacobson '14*, Leslie J. Johnson '03*, Edith Lass '05*, Howard M. Lawton '11*, Howard M. Leinbaugh '13*, Emma Holmer Little '08*, Charles Ward Mariner '08*, Sig B. Nelson '10*, Florence Pierce '15*, Harry & Helen Pillsbury '09*, Henry F. Prince '11*, Lillian Erickson Riggs '15*, Arthur E. Robinson '15*, Helen Margaret Ryan '12*, Paul Jordan Smith L'08*, Nannine Preston Stephens1899*, Grace Loomis Terry 1895*, John Caldwell Thiessen '29*, George F. Whitsett '13*, Florence E. Willard '02*, Bessie Coat Worth '12*, Arvid P. Zetterberg '05*

Oral Sumner Coad '09*, Hammil Ripley Graham '07*, Max H. Harrison '13*, John C. Jordan '08*, Stanley Manning L'05*, Alice Logden Smith '08*, Marie Swanson '14*, Harold Eugene Tobey '06*

* deceased

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