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2016 Knox Service Awards


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The Knox Service Award, established in 1987, is given to any member of the Knox community to recognize outstanding volunteer service benefiting Knox College. Awards are presented during Homecoming Convocation. Annual nominations are due by January 31.

2016 Recipients

Jacob Plummer '00
Jacob Plummer is committed to helping the Bastian Family Career Center serve Knox students. He returned to campus in 2013 and 2015 for the Career Impact Summit, a two-day event for seniors designed to impact their careers with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. At the inaugural summit in 2013, Jacob served as the opening speaker as well as a session leader. In 2016, he was an alumni panelist and dinner speaker.

In September of 2015, Jacob returned to campus as an alumni panelist for Fullbridge, a program offered to sophomores to sharpen their communication, presentation, and teamwork skills. This late summer program was an intensive, skills-based workshop designed to give students a better understanding of how to succeed in the global marketplace.

Twice Jacob has contributed stipends to help cover expenses relating to summer internships for students. As a mentor for KAMP (Knox Alumni Mentoring Program), he offers career guidance and general professional advice. Jacob is currently serving a three-year term as an at-large member of the Alumni Council.

In his volunteer work outside of the Knox community, Jacob is Vice-President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Fund Board, as well as Chairman of that Board's Governance Committee.

Despite an active career in healthcare business development that requires worldwide travel, Jacob finds time to give back to his alma mater.

Bob Schmid '62
Bob Schmid is a longtime supporter of Knox athletics and a committed volunteer for alumni relations. In 2015 and 2016, Bob led a charge that raised nearly $70,000 for the Harley Knosher Award Display and Bust project that recognizes Knox athletes. This new setting for the awards highlights past and future award recipients and honors in perpetuity the person who impacted so many lives at Knox over his 40+ years of service to Knox athletics.

Bob and his wife Barbara, also class of 1962, regularly attend alumni events in the Chicago area, Galesburg, and the Phoenix area where they spend the winter months. During President Taylor's time at Knox, the Schmid's hosted a Hail to Purple and Gold prospect party. They have participated in volunteer peer screening and leadership discussions. Bob is a regular at many Knox golf related functions and the annual K Club golf outing.

Bob served as co-chair of the 50th Class Reunion Committee and for the class gift, helped raise funds for a seminar room in Alumni Hall. The Schmid's are members of the prestigious Lincoln Douglas Society, President's Circle, and K Club, and continue to promote and strive for improved Knox athletics.

Bob enjoyed a very illustrious and successful career in the food brokerage business as owner / president of R.K Schmid & Associates. He volunteers for the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest as a member of the worship committee and military outreach committee.

Previous Award Winners

2015 (Read the Citations)
Carol Daugherty Egan '72, Dudley McCarter '72, Topper Steinman '72, Eric Wilson '84

2014 (Read the Citations)
Anthony Balthazor '03, Chris Eik Winick '73

2013 (Read the Citations)
Richard Kowalski P'14, Anthony Liberta '55, Steve Walton '74

2012 (Read the Citations)
Lil Maria Castro-Rosabal '88, Thomas J. Crabtree '72, H. James Farver '61

2011 (Read the Citations)
Rick '83 and Mary Filosa Brown '82, Brooks Goedeker '02, David '70 and Judy Waggoner Lambert '71

2010 (Read the Citations)
Bernard McCune '88, Mike '58 and Patricia Craig Ruffolo '58, John Sauter '63

2009 (Read the Citations)
Jean Anderson '87, Letitia Luther Schactner '58, Brett Tilly '95

2008 (Read the Citations)
Phyllis Holowaty Albrecht '56, George B. Eaton '80, Carolyn Swartz Park '55

2007 (Read the Citations)
Nancy Cane Beelman '58, Lynn E. Salier '56, Dorothy Thomas Wharton '55

2006 (Read the Citations)
Jack E. Larson '44, Steven P. Luetger '75, Leland Wilson, Air Cadet

2005 (Read the Citations)
J. William McVey '66, Ann Feldman Perille '76, Jerome A. Tatar '71

2004 (Read the Citations)
Charles J. Gibbs '50, Bradley R. Milton '78, Robert R. '58 and Louise Bost Wolf '59

2003 (Read the Citations)
Laurence S. Chadwick '53, Vernice Mendrek, Michiko Tanaka '57

Charles Boydstun '44, Joan Felter Hotchkiss '50, James Valentine '61

Debra P. Banks '73, R. Ned Landon '43, William N. Monson '57

James R. Bowman '48, William J. Foley '38, James T. Poor '54

Bradley Burnside '45, Robert & Daniele Devillairs and Angele Parmeggiani, Russell E. Swise '42

Carol Baldwin, Robert K. Burden '55, Homer H. Johnson '57

William L. Flodin '55, Edward F. Novak '69, Steven J. Phillips '71

Merle Glick '46, Marjorie L. Gustafson '42, Irene Bowman Landis '36

Ann Asplund, Kenneth Alan Buck '79, Robert Wallace '58, Ralph C. Walter III '69

Thomas L. Anderson '66, Evan T. Jones '72, Charlotte M. Sommer '72

David Robinson '38, Janet Koran '71, C. Max Stubbs '40

George Hook '60, John Heyer '68, Al Young '69

Evelyn Clay L'32, John Straus '73, Margaret Mathews-Berenson '68

James Bjorkman '57, Thomas Clemmer '37, John Hayes '71

Harold Ford '39, James "Bud" Potter '63, Dale Runyon '51

John Baily L'29, Charles Bednar '29, Mary Burgland '68

Gail C. Youngren L'27

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