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Talk with Lydia Mitchell '22


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Lydia Mitchell '22

Lydia Mitchell '22

Major: Environmental Science, Political Science 
Hometown: Maryville, Missouri
Involvements:  Student Senate (Athletics, Sustainability, and Trustees Committees), Women's Soccer, Track & Field

Connect With Me

Hello! My name is Lydia Mitchell. I'd love to talk with you about my Knox experience.

My favorite spot on campus:
My favorite place on campus is the green area near the quads because there are so many super tall trees and I can hang a hammock there to study. I can also see the soccer field, football field, and the track from this spot so it is a prime place to watch sports on the weekend!

Professor you should absolutely take a class with: 
Ben Farrer is an amazing professor! He is a little quirky and super fun. For his online classes he makes intro music for his lectures and he always has fun projects for us to do in class that really get me thinking.

How I picked my major:
I knew I wanted to start with environmental science because I have always loved the outdoors and the current climate crisis is something I am really passionate about. I added the political science major because my advisor encouraged me to and because policy is an avenue for change in environmental issues.

Best thing I've done since coming to Knox:
The best thing I have done since coming to Knox is winning the conference twice in a row with the soccer team. The journey to that point was so fulfilling and the feeling of accomplishment was extremely satisfying.

My most challenging class:
My most challenging class was Human and Environment Interactions. It is taught by one of my advisors, Katie Adelsberger, and she is such an amazing professor. She challenges the way I think and she also makes her assignments very realistic and applicable to things we may have to do if we were to present research or begin writing a thesis.

Surprisingly cool things about Galesburg:
The farmers market, nice people, and Lake Storey are some of the best things about Galesburg.

Connect with me to ask any questions you may have about life at Knox, classes and professors, and living in Galesburg, Illinois. And don't forget to follow Knox on Snapchat and Instagram to see a typical day in the life of a Knox student—maybe even mine! 

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Printed on Sunday, May 9, 2021