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Talk with Lana Blankenship ‘22


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Photo of Lana Blankenship

Lana Blankenship '22

Majors: Elementary Education, Creative Writing  
Hometown: Plainfield, Illinois
Involvements: Cellar Door, SPARK Mentor, Alpha Sigma Alpha

Connect With Me

Hello! My name is Lana Blankenship. I'd love to talk with you about my Knox experience.

My favorite place on campus:
Seymour Library because it’s such a beautiful building and there are countless nooks to tuck yourself away to do work, read, or write.

Professor a new student should absolutely take a class with:
Everyone should take a class with Barbara Tannert-Smith! She’s so passionate about literature and her students. Also, every class with her is fun.

Best thing I've done since coming to Knox:
Publishing a literary magazine! No other school would’ve allowed me to become a fiction editor my first year of college and to follow that up by becoming editor-in-chief. I have so much pride in seeing all the art from across campus come together in Cellar Door and knowing that I played a part in making it happen.

My most challenging class:
There are a few classes that have challenged me in different ways during my time at Knox, but one that challenged me in ways I did not expect was Drawing I. I really had to look at the world in different ways while learning about physical art that I’ve never had to do with writing. It took a lot of effort and forced me to examine different perspectives.

Last thing I said "yes" to: 
Joining Alpha Sigma Alpha! I never planned on joining a sorority and when my friends presented me with a surprise snap bid, I surprised myself by saying yes. I’m so glad I did! I’ve made so many friends and created so many connections by joining Alpha Sig!

Connect with me to ask any questions you may have about life at Knox, classes and professors, and living in Galesburg, Illinois. And don't forget to follow Knox on Snapchat and Instagram to see a typical day in the life of a Knox student—maybe even mine! 

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Printed on Sunday, May 9, 2021