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Talk with Fay Swift '21


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Fay Swift '21

Fay Swift '21

Major: Environmental Science BS
Minors: Spanish, Biology
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Involvements: Delta Delta Delta, Knox College Choir
Pronouns: He/They

Connect With Me

Hello! My name is Fay Swift. I'd love to talk with you about my Knox experience.

My favorite spot on campus:
There is a magnolia tree on campus half way between Seymour and the Quads. My friends and I visit the tree a lot and sit in it to do homework. We call it the Flunk Tree. It gives me a sense of home.

Professor you should absolutely take a class with: 
Stuart Allison is so kind and SO excited about plants. He really cares about your interest in the material and will talk with you about it forever.

How I picked my major:
I took an environmental science class in high school. I orginially was going to do pre-law in college with the aim of practicing environmental law, but I took one environmental policy class and decided it wasn't for me. From there the choice was easy.

Best thing I've done since coming to Knox:
Every year the Knox College Choir goes on tour. Memories of singing with my best friends in these beautiful churches (and sometimes spontaneously in restaurants) fills me with so much joy.

My most challenging class:
Chemistry has been my most challenging class. It really shaped my studying habits, and encouraged me to really reach out to tutoring.

Surprisingly cool things about Galesburg:
There is an art center where you can shop, view the gallery, volunteer for kids programs, and also participate in art activities and seminars! There is also a health food store that sells really good curry and I guarantee the best pasta salad you've ever had.

Connect with me to ask any questions you may have about life at Knox, classes and professors, and living in Galesburg, Illinois. And don't forget to follow Knox on Snapchat and Instagram to see a typical day in the life of a Knox student—maybe even mine! 

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Printed on Sunday, May 9, 2021