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Becky McAtee '23

Becky McAtee '23

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Wheeling, Illinois
Involvements: Ultimate Frisbee, Delta Delta Delta, Intramural Volleyball, Knox Farm, Yoga

Connect With Me

Hello! My name is Becky McAtee. I'd love to talk with you about my Knox experience.

My favorite spot on campus:
The Gizmo. It always has what I need whether that be food, friends, or a place to study. Plus, a hot spot for frisbee tossing is right outside, so I never miss a spontaneous team hang-out.

Professor you should absolutely take a class with: 
I think a good professor to take a class with would be Frank McAndrew. Frank is a super interesting and engaging guy and, while I may be biased as he is a professor within my major, his classes are always interesting. He is strict enough yet fun enough to be a great introduction to classes at Knox.

How I picked my major:
I've known I wanted to study psychology since I was in middle school. I've had a lot of experience with mental illness in the past, which peaked my interest, but upon taking psychology classes I learned that psych is so much more. I love that my major can teach me how to better myself and understand those around me on a day-to-day basis, but it can also go into super in-depth and case-specific studies that I previously thought were only for the natural sciences.

Class I didn't expect to love:
I honestly thought I was going to hate my Health Psychology course winter term my first year. I figured that health psychology would be why addictions occur followed by a ton of anatomy, but it ended up being super interesting! The class was also taught by my favorite professor and gave me my first opportunity for research, even if it was on a small scale.

My most challenging class:
My most challenging class is Neuroscience 1. While I know some of the course material from introductory psychology and molecular biology, this class puts it all together in a super interesting yet incredibly detailed manner. It made me feel more confident in my major of psychology but got me interested in neuroscience as a minor. It also made me a better studier and note-taker and made me better at interpersonal relationships through the class's mandatory partner system.

Surprisingly cool things about Galesburg:
Lake Storey. My best friend and I love to go hammock by the lake to just hang out, but I've also played frisbee there in a local tournament. It was something I never heard about on my tour but wish I had so I could've started doing it my first year.

Last thing I said "yes" to:
Dyeing my hair purple.

Connect with me to ask any questions you may have about life at Knox, classes and professors, and living in Galesburg, Illinois. And don't forget to follow Knox on Snapchat and Instagram to see a typical day in the life of a Knox student—maybe even mine! 

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Printed on Sunday, May 9, 2021