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Office of Admission

Students participate in the Career Impact Summit

Do you know how to build a personal brand on social media? The skills employers are looking for? How to network effectively? Knox students learned all of this and more at a Career Impact Summit. During the annual two-day conference at the end of fall term, students picked up tips from alumni about searching for jobs and pursuing their dreams.

Career Impact Summit


Regular Decision Application Deadline

January 15

Winter Open House

January 16

The new forest garden at Green Oaks Biological Field Station will be a resource for students.

This small garden can help facilitate the application of big ideas.

Built by a '16 alum at Knox's Green Oaks Biological Field Station, the garden will be a resource to teach, research, and learn about sustainable agriculture and diverse farming methods.

Green Oaks Forest Garden

Fast Fact

Did You Know ...

A Knox professor, whose research focuses on the intersection of religion and science fiction, presented papers on Philip K. Dick's science fiction novel The Man in the High Castle at two international conferences.

Students enjoy the snow on the Knox College campus.

Join us for our Winter Open House on Monday, January 16, 2017

3 Reasons to Attend a Knox Winter Open House: 

  1. The Human-Powered Knox Experience looks great in a scarf and mittens.

  2. Our newly renovated Alumni Hall is a great place to stay warm.

  3. If you like our campus in winter, spring will really knock your socks off *

*Socks highly recommended

See firsthand what a human-powered education can do for you. Register online for our January 16 Winter Open House.

A little holiday fun with gingerbread

Inspired by the new Whitcomb Art Center, Knox students, staff, and faculty decided to have a little holiday fun and create a replica of the building—out of gingerbread.

Gingerbread Art Center | 800-678-KNOX

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