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India: Arts and Sciences in Hyderabad (CIEE)


Todd Heidt

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Multicultural, diverse, beautiful and home to some 1.2 billion people, the vibrancy and sheer scale of India is peerless. CIEE's Arts and Sciences program in Hyderabad offers students an immersive experience, anchored in a program located In the gateway between northern and southern India. On this program, students gain insight into the linguistic, culinary, political, religious, and cultural diversity of this fascinating country. The highly program is highly customizable. Study abroad in Hyderabad and you'll:

  • Choose from a selection of courses focusing on Indian languages, history and philosophy offered by the Study in India program (SIP) and/or direct enroll in a wide variety of courses offered at the University of Hyderabad in 11 of its 12 schools (not including the schools of medicine and engineering)
  • Take non-credit classes in traditional Indian music, Kathak, and Bollywood dance, henna design, and Indian culinary practice taught by experts
  • Visit ancient mosques, temples, religious centers, Golconda Fort and much more
  • Become involved in the local community by volunteering at one of the many NGOs in the area
  • Enjoy Yoga practice sessions

From anthropology, political science and sociology to communications, chemistry, performing arts, and Hindi language, students will find a wide range of courses that satisfy requirements and academic interests. Students may try their hand at traditional Kuchipudi dance, study the role of politics in the country or look at the sociology of gender in a variety of elective and direct enrollment options.

The region (and indeed the country) is rich in historic, cultural, religious and natural locations to explore. Trek through Hampi, famous for its history, ruins and temples; visit Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world and prominent in Hindu mythology; participate in a local festival; explore historic sites within Hyderabad - Golconda Fort, the QutbShahi Tombs, and the Ganesha idol. Travel to Mysore, Byllakuppe, Melkote, Badami or Visakhapatnam in AndraPradesh, a coastal port city often called 'the Jewel of the East Coast.' Explore Buddhist, Jain and Hindu temples - the possibilities for research, exploration, and restful reflection are endless.

The program includes cultural activities. Undertake daily yoga practice at the campus yoga center; take non-credit lessons in sitar or tabala, traditional Indian instruments; learn the nor th Indian classical dance, Kathak, or how to apply henna designs. The CIEE Study Center organizes a cooking class, where you'll have the change to learn to make a combination of Hyderabadi and Nor th and Sou th Indian cuisines. Students celebrate spring at the Sankranthi festival by flying kites and participate in the Holi festival by decorating the community wi th  kaleidoscope-like colors.

A research project is central to the CIEE program in Hyderabad. You will develop and execute a research project on a topic that speaks to you, one that may provide a foundation for an Honors project at Knox or a springboard for graduate research interests. Students have in the past completed independent studies on such topics as non-resident Indians in Indian film, the effects of deregulation of the domestic Indian airline market and the flora of the University of Hyderabad campus.

Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, is the fourth-largest cosmopolitan city in India and is at the heart of India's rapidly developing global economy. The city is now a global hub for biotechnology, the animation industry, and information technology. It is also a travel destination for domestic travelers looking to aborts its unique architecture and art, and amazing (spicy) food. The city is an urban mix of construction, shops, traffic, food bazaars, global business and urban sprawl. It is home to offices for Microsoft, Google and other techno giants - and to the ruins of the magnificent 13th-century Golconda Fort and iconic Charminar monument in the old city.

Learn more about the CIEE India: Arts and Sciences in Hyderabad program

Credits: 4.5 for the fall or spring semester; 9 for the academic year

Advisors: Professors Katherine Adelsberguer and Danielle Fatkin

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Printed on Monday, May 23, 2022