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Germany: IES Programs in Berlin


Brenda Tooley

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

2 East South Street

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The IES Berlin program provides semester, term and full-year opportunities for rigorous undergraduate study in German language, social sciences, humanities, and business. IES also offers Metropolitan Studies and a summer program in Architecture. The IES International Affairs and Security Studies program is a fall TERM option for students.  IIE Berlin programs, organized in cooperation with Humboldt University, follow an American-style university calendar.

Typically, students enroll in an German language course and four area studies courses each semester (the Security Studies program is an exception here as a term program). Language courses are held on the Humboldt University campus; area studies courses in art history, business, economics, history, literature, and politics are held at the IES Center. Most courses are taught in German by native German faculty; the program in Metropolitan Studies and Architecture are taught in English. Students have access to numerous University facilities including libraries and University Mensas (cafeterias).

The city of Berlin has a fascinating geo-political history: its destruction in World War II, its hostile division in the Cold War, the fall of the Wall, the reunification of Germany, and the growth of Germany as a major cultural, economic, and political force in the 21st century. This history and its present importance makes Berlin an ideal place to study international relations, security studies, sociology, business and economics, as well as film, art and German language.

Prerequisite: fall and full-year students must have GERM 202 and GERM 210, and two courses in European culture and history; spring term students must have, in addition, one 300-level German course.

Credit: 4.5 per semester. The equivalent of 15 semester hours (usually 5 classes) is required for full credit.

IES International Affairs and Security Studies - fall term (3 credits).

Program advisor: Professor Todd Heidt. 

Learn more about the IES program here: IES Programs in Berlin.

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Printed on Sunday, October 21, 2018