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Students in Intro to Globalization, studying old maps from Special Collections in Seymour Library.

Costa Rica: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities (ACM)


Brenda Tooley

Director, Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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This program is designed for advanced work in the social and natural sciences and humanities. Costa Rica supports an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life and provides rich research opportunities for students of tropical biology and ecology. An equally broad range of research topics is available for students of anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, geology, history, political science, sociology, music, and literature.

Students prepare for their research during a month-long orientation which includes intensive language training and a review of field work methodology. Their field study may be integrated with an ongoing project undertaken independently under the supervision of a faculty advisor. 

How to choose between the two ACM Costa Rica programs? "Students who are more concerned about the immediate application of knowledge to solve society's problems and who are also aware of the difficulties that normally arise in this process should opt for the fall, outreach-based program. Students who are more interested in raising and solving questions, and exploring how knowledge is generated in Costa Rica, should apply to the spring, research-based program."—Dr. Javier Espeleta, ACM Costa Rica Program Director

Prerequisite: appropriate advanced preparation in the proposed research discipline; at least 2 200-level Spanish courses.
Credits: 4.5 for semester, 3.5 for term.
Period: one semester (winter-spring) or one term (spring).
Program advisor: Prof. Kampwirth. 

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