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Kemper Scholarship

Select first-year students at Knox build upon their college successes as recipients of the prestigious Kemper Scholars Program.

Max Potthoff '14

Max Potthoff '14

Environmental studies and creative writing double major

Max was selected for the Kemper program in 2011 and has since interned at ENVIRON, an environmental consulting firm in Shanghai, China, and The Field Museum in Chicago. Read more about Max's Kemper experience.

In addition to preparing them for leadership and service, the program encourages participants to gain experience, contacts, and training that can lead to careers in administration or business.

The many advantages of being a Kemper scholar include:

  • scholarships of up to $10,000 for each of your sophomore, junior, and senior years
  • summer internships with for-profit and non-profit organizations, including a $6,000 stipend to intern at a major non-profit during the summer following your sophomore year
  • eligibility for a project grant ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 for a summer experiential learning project during your junior year
  • attendance at the annual Kemper Scholars Conference

Kemper scholars periodically read and discuss major works on leadership, service, ethics, and business, and they have frequent contact with the national Kemper Foundation staff to discuss academic and professional goals, internships, and learning opportunities.

Only students at designated Kemper Scholars institutions -- such as Knox -- may be nominated for the Kemper Scholars Program, which is sponsored by the James S. Kemper Foundation in Chicago.

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