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Tim O'Neal poses in front of a maze that he constructed to conduct research on rats.

Career Outcomes

Department Chair

Heather Hoffmann

Robert M. & Katherine Arnold Seeley Distinguished Professor and Chair of Psychology

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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A Knox psychology education opens the door to a wide array of futures for our graduates.

Some are pursuing their education...

  • Graduate Student, University of Tuebingen. Emily Corwin-Renner '17. 
  • Ph.D. Student in Social Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Amelia Goranson '14.
  • Graduate Student in Occupational Therapy, St. Louis Univeristy. Jackie Stillmaker '11.
  • Ph.D. Student, Neuroscience and Animal Behavior, Emory University. Katy Renfro '11. Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ph.D. Student in Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri. Tracy Herring '10.

Some are researchers...

  • Post-Bac Research Assistant, Knox College. Erica Baumgardner '16.
  • Clinical Supervisor, Center for Autism Related Disorders. Mia Savard '13.
  • User Experience Researcher, Qualtrics. Aparna Kumar '12.
  • Research Assistant, Recovery Centers of King County. Tanya Novotnak '11.

Some are therapists...

  • Mental Health & Drug Abuse Counselor, Transition Mental Health Service. Emma Storer '14.
  • Midwest Regional Community Liaison, Aloria Health. Jamie Galante '13.
  • Licensed Professional Counselor. Colleen Aziz '10. Champaign, Illinois.
  • Clinical Counselor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham. Sarah Connor '06.
  • Mental Health Therapist & Owner, Crossroads: Counseling & Life Coaching. Rebecca Mowers '04. Galesburg, Illinois.

Some go into education...

  • Assistant Teacher, Swedish Covenant Hospital. Tori Kosmicki '15.
  • Teaching Assistant, University of California Santa Cruz. Christine Starr '10.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bowdoin College. Zach Rothschild '05. Brunswick, Maine.
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology, Truman State University. Yuna Engle Ferguson '04. Kirkville, Missouri.
  • Associate Professor, Widener University. Brooke Wells '00.
  • Associate Professor of Psychology, Williams College. Noah Sandstron '94. Williamstown, Massachusetts.
  • Interim Chair of Psychology, Southern Illinois University. Mike Hoane '90.
  • Chairman, Department of Health Sciences, DePaul Univeristy. Dorthy Kozlowski '90.

And some have found success in other fields...

  • Associate, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Esther Farler-Westphal '14.
  • Manager of Eligibility Services, National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Ellen Ramsey '12. Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Associate Marketing Manager-Provider Marketing, Healthcare Value Proposition, Walgreens. Christina Warner '12. 
  • Program Associate, University Research Co., LLC (URC) & Center for Human Services (CHS). Elyse Callahan '10.
  • Film Maker and Executive, Film Collective Productions. Vince Singleton '03. Chicago, Illinois.
  • Associate Manager, Consumer Insights, Marketing, Ocean Spray Cranberries. Stacie Miller '03. Boston, Massachusetts.

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