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Laura Lane directs the Knox College Choir in rehearsal at Central Congregational Church in Galesburg.


Department Chair

Nikki Malley

Associate Professor & Chair of Music

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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Envelopes filled with lyrics for the choir.

Requirements for the Music major

12 credits as follows:

  • Proficiency:
    • Demonstration of music reading and skills proficiency through successful completion of proficiency exam or a passing grade in MUS 100
    • Piano proficiency, to be completed by the end of the junior year
    • Participation in a music ensemble (2 half credits or equivalent participation)
  • Core: 5 credits
    • One 100-level course (101 or above, not including MUS 145, MUS 145L, or MUS 182)
    • Music Theory: MUS 145/145L, MUS 245/245L, MUS 246/246L
    • Research Methods in Music: MUS 201
  • Advanced: 6 credits
    • 3 of the following period seminars
      • MUS 330: Seminar in Renaissance and Baroque Music
      • MUS 331: Seminar in Common Practice Music
      • MUS 332: Seminar in Music of the Modern Era
      • MUS 333: Seminar in Jazz Topics
      • MUS 334: Seminar in Popular Music
    • 2 electives (at least 1 at the 300 level)
    • Senior Capstone (MUS 399) or Honors (MUS 400)

    Requirements for the Music minor

    6 credits as follows:

    • MUS 145/145L: Music Theory I and Musicianship Lab
    • MUS 245/245L: Music Theory II and Musicianship Lab
    • MUS 201: Research Methods in Music
    • 3 elective credits, of which at least one must be at the 300-level

    Requirements for certification in Music Education
    Students who want to teach music in elementary or secondary schools may prepare for teaching certification. This demanding curriculum requires completing a major in music, a major in educational studies, and several courses specifically designed for music education. Students who complete these requirements and who pass the State of Illinois certification tests are qualified for recommendation for certification.

    Students interested in music education should contact both Professor Lane (Music) and the chair of the Educational Studies Department as early as possible. In order to complete the program in four years at Knox, students must begin in their first year. Specific requirements to prepare for certification in music education are as follows:

    • Music: Completion of the course requirements for a major in music:
      • Core courses: MUS 101, 102, 145, 245, and 246
      • Electives: 5 credits as follows, including at least one outside the European classical tradition:
        • 1 credit in a style history course (MUS 361 or 363)
        • 1 credit in a seminar (MUS 322 or 324)
        • 3 elective credits, including at least one at the 300 level. Lessons may not be used to fulfill this requirement.
      • Capstone: MUS 399 or 400
      • Proficiencies: Piano and two years of participation in ensembles
    • Additional requirements in Music required for certification:
      • MUS 307 Instrumental Techniques I
      • MUS 309 Secondary Choral Methods
      • MUS 311 Fundamentals of Conducting
      • either MUS 308 Instrumental Techniques II, or MUS 310 Vocal Pedagogy
      • proficiency in an additional instrument
    • Educational Studies: a major in K-12 Special Content Areas (course descriptions available in the Educational Studies portion of the Catalog):
      • Introductory course: EDUC 201
      • Foundation courses: EDUC 202 or EDUC 203, EDUC 204, EDUC 205, EDUC 208(.5), EDUC 301, EDUC 310D
      • Methods course: EDUC 312D, EDUC 319
      • Student Teaching: EDUC 340 (3 credits)

A student rehearses with the Knox College Choir.
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