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Ashlee Mack


Ashlee Mack

Associate in Applied Music

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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Associate in Applied Music

Ashlee Mack

General Interests

"It's an extraordinary thrill to work with living composers and present new music to an audience. I aim to share this passion with my students so that their minds and ears are always stimulated and ready to absorb everything the world of music has to offer."

Teaching Interests


What Students Say

"Ashlee Mack goes beyond simple technical instruction to inspire students of a wide range of ability, experience, and interest. She shows her students how to understand music on a higher level. She is also a pianist of tremendous ability and regularly performs at Knox and in the Galesburg community, and has performed all over the world and appeared on several renowned recordings. Ashlee's performances are always defined by the same strengths that characterize her teaching-sensitivity, passion, and a profound understanding of music." --Sam Lewis, Music Major

"Ashlee is a true musician. Besides being a fantastic pianist, she is generous of spirit -- she has absolute confidence in each of her students' abilities to develop; she easily adapts to individual students' needs; her sense of humor and energy are infectious. Learning from Ashlee develops in you a more robust self-confidence, one that sticks throughout daily life, not simply when you sit at the keyboard. In the three years I've spent with her -- which have been far too little time -- my playing has certainly improved, but more importantly, I have begun to believe that most of my anxieties (from turning another musician's pages to playing a solo recital) are actually conquerable. Anyone who pays attention to what Ashlee has to teach will surely be changed." --Mattie Gulyash, Music and History Major 

"The encouragement that Ashlee Mack gives to always do one’s personal best and to put oneself fully into the music inspires students to go above and beyond what they thought was possible with their own playing. Her love of contemporary classical music and her performances of it are inspiring. Her sheer talent, attention to musical detail, and patience with students make her a phenomenal teacher with whom to take lessons with." --Kailee Gawlik, Music and German Major 

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Printed on Saturday, October 24, 2020