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Claudia Fernández


Claudia Fernández

Associate Professor of Modern Languages (Spanish)

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Associate Professor of Modern Languages-Spanish

Claudia Fernandez

General Interests
"I am interested in the second language acquisition phenomena. That is, how do people learn a language other than their mother tongue(s)? In particular, I investigate how adults learn the morphology and syntax (i.e., grammar) of a second language in the classroom. Therefore, my research focuses on testing the effectiveness of language teaching techniques, particularly those that aim at facilitating grammar acquisition. Also, I am interested in materials development, both traditional (e.g., textbooks) and computer-assisted (e.g., podcasts). Based on these interests, when I teach Spanish, I always ask myself this question: How can my teaching facilitate the students' processes of language acquisition?"

Years at Knox: 2010 to present

Ph.D., Second Language Acquisition, 2005, University of Illinois-Chicago.
M.A., Spanish Linguistics, 2000, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
B.S., Biology, 1994, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Mexico City.

Teaching Interests
Spanish language, hispanic cultures, advanced grammar, linguistics, Spanish phonetics and phonology, second language acquisition, foreign language teaching methods.

Selected Professional Accomplishments


  • Knox Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Grant - Field trip to Central America to support Spanish 230: Culture of the Spanish-Speaking World, 2016-2017.

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What Students Say
"Claudia makes learning Spanish fun and engaging. Every class is filled with writing and speaking activities in groups and with partners, so that we learn the language in as realistic of a way as possible, and to keep us interested the entire period. Claudia is always very helpful inside and outside of class, and is very excited about exploring the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. In my class, she was conducting research to find the best way for students to learn a new language. She does everything she can to help us succeed."
-Jill Krippel, Mathematics and Studio Art Major

"Between Professor Fernandez's spunk, the content of the course, and the various forms of homework and testing she provides, her classes are the perfect mix of challenging and fun. By using personal stories of her travels and experiences, she creates a comfortable, open environment in the class. She also understands very well the fear of having to speak an unfamiliar language, but challenges us to break out of our comfort zone in using Spanish. With that challenge, however, she is always available when we need help, whether inside or outside of class."
-Gabrielle Charles, Economics Major and Anthropology and Sociology Minor

"It is not difficult for students to develop close connections with world language faculty members at Knox. Claudia is no exception. With English being her second language and most of her students learning Spanish as their second language, nearly every class is a communal discovery of each other's language and culture. Claudia's candid nature and high level of engagement with her students creates a solid foundation for and energizes those seeking to be familiar with the Spanish language and the multiple cultures that support it."
-David Wawzenek, Elementary Education Major

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