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Julio Noriega

Burkhardt Distinguished Chair in Modern Languages (Spanish); Chair of Latin American Studies

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401



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Requirements for the major

10 credits as follows:

  • PS 122
  • Two of the following: SPAN 230B, 230C, 230D, 230E
  • Six electives on Latin American topics (two must be in History/Social Science; two must be 300 level; and three must be taught in Spanish).
  • A one-credit senior capstone project (LAST 399 or 400)
  • In addition, all Latin American Studies majors must participate in an approved study abroad program or an equivalent experience of at least a trimester in duration (such as an internship or an independent study) in a Latin American country.

Requirements for the minor

5 credits as follows:

  • Two credits in Latin American Studies chosen from: LAST 121, LAST 122, LAST 227, LAST 231, LAST 234, LAST 237, LAST 260, LAST 263, LAST 314, LAST 326, LAST 334
  • Two credits in Latin American Studies chosen from: LAST 221, LAST 230B-E, LAST 235, LAST 238, LAST 240, LAST 305, LAST 306, LAST 309, LAST 335, LAST 337
  • One additional course in Latin American Studies
  • At least one of the above courses should be at the 300 level
  • Demonstrated competence in Spanish (such as by completing a 200-level Spanish course)
  • A project or paper in which the student analyzes some question in Latin American Studies. The project can be completed through:
    • an Honors project
    • an independent study (1 or 1/2 credit), or
    • approved course work(i.e., a paper or other project completed within a non-Latin American Studies course that addresses a Latin American topic)

Other courses on Latin American topics, such as those taken in a study abroad program, may also count toward the major and minor. Consult the Chair for approval.

The student is encouraged to consider basing the project or paper on research conducted during field work in Latin America (methods utilized in field work could include interviews, participant-observation, volunteer work, media analysis, photography, literary or artistic work). Field work can take place in the context of a formal program or informal travel. Alternatively, the project or paper can be based on library work. The choice of the project must be made in consultation with the chair of the Latin American Studies minor.

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Printed on Wednesday, April 24, 2024