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James Dyer

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As a Knox College graduate, you will be well prepared for a wide range of endeavors. Knox alumni currently working in the field of journalism include:

UX Designer, Ally Financial Services, Charlotte, North Carolina. Levi Flair '11. Visual Communication self-designed major.

News Anchor, KMBC Channel 9, Kansas City, Missouri. Lara Moritz '90. Creative Writing major.

Graphic Designer and Owner, JMDesign, Portland, Oregon. Jen Milius '10. Visual Communication self-designed major.

Project Editor, Buckle Down Publishing, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kris Bjork '04.

Reporter and Former Bureau Chief, New York Times. Barry Bearak '71, Political Science major, Winner of Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting and George Polk Award for Investigative Reporting.

Webmaster and Online Coordinator, El Paso Inc., El Paso, Texas. Andrew Polk '11. Journalism minor.

Sports Reporter,, Madison, Wisconsin. Jesse Temple '06, Journalism minor.

Director/Writer, Flight 33 Productions, Los Angeles, California. Gabriel Rotello '74. History major, Winner of a 2001 Alumni Achievement Award.

Editor & Writer, Becker's Orthopedic & Spine Review, Chicago, Illinois. Laura Miller '10.

Media Consulting Associate, Frank Magid Associates, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Andrea Houlihan '11. Journalism self-designed major.

Reporter, North County Times, Oceanside, California. Cigi Ross '06, Journalism minor.

Copywriter, Real Green Marketing, Denver, Colorado. Joe Kozlowicz '11. Journalism minor.

Reporter, Harrisburg Patriot-News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Chris Mouzakitis '10.

Producer/Reporter, Chicago Public Radio. Alex Keefe '06, Journalism minor.

Correspondent (Retired), ABC Television News. Robert J. Jamieson '65, Winner of an Emmy Award.

Communications Specialist, SEIU Healthcare, Chicago, Illinois. Deana Rutherford '09, Journalism minor.

Reporter, Moline Dispatch-Rock Island Argus, Moline, Illinois. Bill Mayeroff '07, Journalism self-designed major.

Independent Writer/Author, Former Syndicated Financial Columnist, Chicago Tribune. William E. Barnhart '68. English major.

Freelance Photojournalist, Karachi, Pakistan. Farah Ahed '07.

Syndicated Columnist, "Workwise" and President of Executive Directions International, Inc. Dr. Mildred L. Culp '71, English major.

Publishing Production Coordinator, McMaster-Carr Supply Company, Chicago, Illinois. Jacqueline Henrickson '09, Journalism minor.

Reporter, Chicago Sun-Times. David Newbart '90. Political science major.

News Producer, WKOW-TV, Madison, Wisconsin. Donald Forti '06. Anthropology and Sociology and Political Science major.

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