A Knox class took this photo in Berlin on a trip to Germany and Turkey in a course, European Identities. #

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Knox-Flensburg Exchange


Todd Heidt

Associate Professor in Modern Languages-German

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Since the program's inception in 2001, nearly 50 students have participated in the exchange.

  • 19 Knox students have gone to Flensburg, and one more will go in 2013-14
  • 26 Flensburg students have come to Knox, and two more will arrive in 2013-14

Flensburg, In Her Own Words
by Alyssa Kennamer '13

"I met one of my flatmates, Elisa, after Easter Break upon arriving in Flensburg. She asked me where I'm from, and I said the usual -- grew up in Oklahoma, but study in Illinois. She responds, 'I've always wanted to go to Illinois!' I was a bit taken aback by her enthusiasm and then said, 'Oh yeah, Chicago!' She said, 'No, Galesburg.'

At this point I was floored. I learned that she had applied to study at Knox. Complete coincidence that I would be placed in an apartment living situation with a prospective Knox student. Even better that we became fast friends.

But that's probably the best part about choosing to study in Flensburg -- that in doing so, you continue to foster this growing partnership between Universität Flensburg and Knox College. You're beginning to witness the traces that each institution is leaving on the students, the faculty, the place."

Students come to the cafeteria in traditional Japanese clothing.
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