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Todd Heidt

Professor in Modern Languages-German

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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How We Work

1. We’re interdisciplinary, and we bet you are too. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to integrate your other fields of study with your pursuit of German. At the 300-level, courses are cross-listed with a variety of other departments. You might take German Society and Film with a combination of German and film students; you’ll learn from your peers—and they’ll learn from you—as your diverse backgrounds pave the way for lively class discussions. When our seniors complete their capstone projects, the results are as unique as our students themselves. While Bryce Abell '17 was completing his project “Cultural Economics: Motivating Locals toward Green Initiatives,” classmate Daniel Donnelly '17 was working on his own project entitled: “What about Gretchen? Reading Gender in Goethe and Murnau’s Faust.”

2. We’re invested in your education. Our department is pretty small, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing. We’re able to give each student as much individual guidance and support as they need. Many of our students work closely with their professors to complete independent studies. Because we work with many faculty from other departments, we’re able to help you find the right opportunities for your unique blend of interests and passions.

3. We go beyond grammar. In our 100-level German classes, we use textbooks informed by up-to-date research which engages students in real world tasks and discussions from day one. While you’re studying vocabulary and grammar, you’ll simultaneously learn how to navigate daily life in German society. Throughout the program, we strive to deepen your understanding of the diverse people who speak this language and the societies in which they live.

4. We study and work abroad. We know that international experience is an essential part of your education. That’s why we offer the Knox-Flensburg Exchange, an opportunity for students to spend up to a year at the European University of Flensburg in Germany. Through a combination of grants and scholarships, this opportunity can be even cheaper than studying on campus. Many of our students even travel to Germany for summer internships, like Annelise Hablutzel ’16, who worked with the physics laboratory at the University of Greifswald.

5. We prepare you for success in any field. The importance of Germany in Europe and the world has increased tremendously in recent years. Because there are few German bilinguals, our graduates are in high demand. Even if you don’t plan to pursue a career in German teaching or translation, your experience immersing yourself in another language will help you succeed in whatever path you take.


Estimated Salary of Alumni with German Degrees

Christmas Markets of Berlin. Faculty Daniel Beers, Emre Sencer and Todd Heidt led students on a trip to Berlin, Germany, and Istanbul, Turkey, in conjunction with their European Identities class.

Students traveled to Berlin, Germany, and Istanbul, Turkey, in conjunction with their European Identities class.

Students traveled to Berlin, Germany, and Istanbul, Turkey, in conjunction with their European Identities class.


The Burkhardt Language Center

The Dorothy Johnson '39 and Richard Burkhardt '39 Language Center includes a projection-equipped classroom space located in the heart of George Davis Hall. The Center contains an instructor station, 24 advanced computer workstations, and professional photo-flatbed scanning capabilities. The Language Center also houses two workgroup rooms equipped with individual computer workstations for small group sessions or individual privacy. The viewing room is capable of seating up to 20 people accommodating large-screen computer output and video viewing.

German Table

Each week, students and faculty gather in the Oak Room to practice conversational German skills over lunch. Often, German exchange students from the European University of Flensburg will join us, giving you a chance to make connections abroad.

Seymour Library

The library's collection of literature and films of the German-speaking countries, as well as scholarly writings, is constantly being updated. Seven German periodicals are available in Seymour Library, and many publications can be accessed electronically.

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