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2017 Summer Course Offerings

2018 course descriptions will be announced in March. 

The Knox College 4 Kids courses and descriptions are listed under four major field headings: Fine Arts, Humanities/Social Sciences, Languages, and Science/Math. All of the offerings will allow your child to either build upon areas of strength or explore new interests. Please note, some courses or sections are geared toward specific age groups, but this does not exclude anyone from registering for that section of the course.

Download the pdf of the full course descriptions.


FA201 Art 101

Instructor: Coleen Noonan

Art is for everyone and so is this course! This hands-on course will be packed with several art experiences where you get to try drawing, painting, building, and much more. This course will have a focus on exploration of many art mediums and the discovery process. Students will use their own ideas combined with teacher guidance. Students will have the chance to experiment with art materials and also produce finished artworks. Student will be engaged by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic art instructor! If you enjoy art, you will enjoy this course. Returning students are welcome to repeat the course. We will have all new projects! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

FA202 Ceramics

Instructor: Hannah McCullough

Come explore the wonderful world of clay! In this class students will learn to create beginner level projects such as pinch pots, coil pots, and slab constructed pieces using various hand building methods. For students that might have a bit more experience with clay, there will be instructions on how to use various ceramic tools and techniques to create intricate textures and more challenging pieces. Students will learn about the unique technical elements of clay, get dirty, and get to make fun works of art to take home! We recommend bringing an old t-shirt or smock for students to wear over their clothes if they do not wish to get them covered in clay. (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

FA203 Knit Wits

Instructor: Kathleen Bashem

Knit Wits are some of the brightest fiber artists around! Knitting is one of the most popular and useful art forms in the U.S. It's definitely not your grandmother's pastime anymore! In this class, students will learn beginning knit stitches and work on simple knitting projects while learning a fun skill that lasts a lifetime! Students will also dye their own yarn! You will love being able to say, "I made it myself!" Returning students are welcome to repeat the class. (Hour 1)

FA204 Dream Weavers

Instructor: Kathleen Bashem

Dream Weavers is the class for the student interested in learning the basics of weaving! Weaving is a fun way to "free your inner fiber artist." Want to know the difference between your warp and your weft? This is the place for you! Students will use a cardboard loom to learn basic weaving techniques including plain tabby, vertical tabby, and Rya knotting. They will learn color combinations, patterning and dye yarn, too! Students may choose a mug rug or wall hanging as a final project. Join Dream Weavers and turn your yarn art dreams into reality! Returning students are welcome to repeat the class. (Hour 3)

FA205 Photography: The Universal Language

Instructor: Tom Foley

This course is an introduction to photography, the universal language. It emphasizes learning by hands on experiences. Students will make and develop their own black and white photo-grams. We will discuss the history of photography (which first started in 1826). Other topics will include exposure, composition, lenses, portraits, electronic flash, and night photography. Owning a camera is NOT required to attend this course. Returning students are welcome to repeat the class. (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

FA207 Hear the Music: Knowing and Treasuring Sound

Instructor: Nick Dilley

This is a course in music appreciation. Our activities will be designed around exploring different kinds of music from around the world and introducing students to the different elements to be found in music, including those not evident in popular (i.e. mainstream) Western music. We will compare and contrast familiar and unfamiliar types of music and practice expressing thoughts and critiques of music. Students will have the opportunity to handle instruments from different parts of the world as well. By the end of the course, students will have the option of practicing their public speaking by giving a brief talk/report on a piece of music of their choosing, while using the skills learned in our class to express what they know. (Hour 2)

FA208 Amigurumi Crochet

Instructor: Kathleen Bashem

"Amigurumi" is the Japanese art of crocheting small animals and inanimate objects. The word combines "ami" (meaning crocheted) and "nuigurumi" (meaning stuffed doll). Students will learn basic Tunisian and single crochet stitches and how to follow a pattern to construct typical amigurumi. They will also dye their own yarn! Expand your skills in a fun direction, and make some new friends (literally!). Returning students are welcome to repeat the class. (Hour 2)

FA211 Make a Movie

Instructor: Brea Cunningham

Make a movie from the bottom up! Students will start with an ideal, develop it into a storyboard, make some props, write a script and then film it and bring the entire project to life on the big screen. Cameras are provided for you! Returning students are welcome to repeat the class. (Hour 3)

FA216 Dance on Broadway!

Instructor: Liz Smith

Kids will have fun dancing to favorite Broadway musical classics and modern hits. The class will emphasize theatre dance and jazz styles in a fun, creative, and encouraging environment. Perfect for boys and girls who love to dance and have a flair for the dramatic! Get ready to move it and grove it as we learn new dance moves each day! We will also watch some of the most popular and famous dance scenes on Broadway. A choreographed dance will be performed on the last day. No dance experience is required. Come ready to move and have fun! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

FA217 African Drumming

Instructor: Jill Marasa

A performance based music ensemble that will give students a hands-on experience of playing African instruments and rhythms or beats. Students will learn the complex texture of African drum music and learn how to perform the following drumming techniques: 1) call and response, 2) call and answer, 3) call and echo, and 4) playing music in rounds and canons. Students will create (with the guidance of the instructor) their own African drum songs and perform them on the last day of class. (Hour 1)

FA218 School House Rock!

Instructor: Jill Marasa

A music performance based ensemble in which students will perform in a Rock band. Student will learn rock standards from some of the rock N roll greats -- Chuck Berry, Beatles, Queen, and more. Through performing, students will be able to play a rock beat, a bass line, rock harmony, and rock rhythms on the drum set. Students will understand the structure or form of a typical rock song and will apply this knowledge by creating their own rock song. Students are encouraged to bring their guitars, bass and other instruments they currently play. A rock concert will be given on the last day of class, so be ready to rock out! (Hour 2)

FA219 Drum Line (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Jill Marasa

A performance based music ensemble in which students learn drum techniques, with the focus on learning to play the snare drum, Bass drums, crash cymbal, and bells (barred instruments). Students will be able to learn percussive rhythms and perform them together as an ensemble with good balance, proper technique and rhythmic execution. Drum line formations used in marching will be taught. These include basic commands and the execution of: Attention, At-ease, to -the-rear, right flank, left flank, backwards marching and side stepping. Students will be able to execute a mini marching show or routine, while playing their drum line piece. (Hour 3)

FA220 African Art Class!! (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Danielle Nickaf

This course takes a look at art in the great African nation of Nigeria. In a light and interactive environment, students will get to learn about historical and contemporary Nigerian art. On Fridays we will recreate art that we have learned about during the week for the students to take home. (Hour 3)

FA221 The Voice

Instructor: Alison Meuth

Do you have the voice? Come discover your endless vocal possibilities as you learn the basics of healthy vocal technique and performance practices. Together we will explore different musical genres as we prepare for our final performance on the last day of class. Students will be prepared for future auditions and be given the tools to practice and improve their voices as they move forward. (Hours 1, 2 & 3)


HSS201 Es Romanus (Be a Roman!)

Instructor: Brian Tibbets

We all have an image of ancient Romans walking through the forum in clean white togas, but is it really true? Come find out the way real Romans lived! We will explore daily habits of all aspects of Roman culture, from their names, to the way they dressed, to the food they ate, to the way they spent their free time. This hands-on course will allow participants to fully immerse themselves in the lives and culture of one of the most fascinating civilizations of the ancient world. (Hour 2)

HSS204 Inspire your Desire to Write!

Instructor: Heather Hellenga

Students will explore a variety of writing activities with an emphasis on illustrating and enhancing their work with art. Students will be exposed to figurative language while we write like there's no tomorrow and create 'til the cows come home! This course will be packed with fun lessons that will inspire both your brain and your heart. Sound sappy? It won't be as we create noticing and list poems, personalized kites, chains of similes, masterpiece-inspired poetry, and more! We'll knock this course out of the park as we invent jingles for edible oxymorons and have a blast as we get our creative juices flowing with "Dress like an Idiom Day!" Students will create their own writer's notebook to keep as we navigate the realm of writing, drawing, and creating together. The possibilities are endless! Students who have taken this class before are welcome to return as we will be keeping some favorites and adding new activities! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

HSS210 LEAD - Leadership Exploration and Development (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Keegan Dohm

Students will learn and practice confidence and empathy, create a self-portrait through an art based project, and play leadership games! LEAD is a personality and strength based course designed for middle school students to learn and capitalize on their personality traits to be more effective leaders and better friends. Students explore how their traits translate into their studies, extracurricular activities, friendships, and futures! Come lead and learn! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

HSS211 Everything is Awesome – Learning with Legos

Instructor: Ken Sanner

Learning with Legos is a hands-on, highly engaging unit focusing on Legos! If you can build it, you’re halfway there. In this class, students will focus on using Legos to strengthen Literacy. We will look at using Legos to tell stories and write our own comic books. The fun doesn’t end there--we will use our Lego stories and comics to make movies both interactive and stop motion. If you love Legos, like playing, or want to learn--this course is for you!!!! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

HSS212 When Life Gives you OJ (suggested for grades 3-5)

Instructor: Alicia Condreay

What could a lesson on respect, responsibility, and making a make believe dog out of an orange juice carton possibly have common? Just you wait and see… This is an excellent course teaching strong independent responsibilities and all that having a pet endures. The course incorporates language arts, reading, and creative art work as the students read the story When Life Gives You OJ by Erica Perl. Students will also creatively make a dog out of an orange juice carton. (Hour 1)

HSS213 Give Me Liberty! (suggested grades 6-8)

Instructor: Jon Crider

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in the American Revolution or to have been in Philadelphia during the writing of the Constitution? This class will explore the life, culture, and experiences of the men, women, and children who participated in the creation of the United States. We will explore the causes of the American Revolution and some of the people involved from George Washington to the common soldier. We will also explore the debates surrounding the creation of the United States Constitution. Experience what life was like as a soldier: food, training, and the dangers of war. Experience what it would have been like to be a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787 Philadelphia. The goal of this course is to have a better understanding of the society and culture that created the United States. (Hour 3)

HSS214 You are an Author! (suggested for grades 3-5)

Instructor: Nick Dilley

This course is designed for students with an interest in writing. We will begin the course by exploring what kinds of reading and writing the students enjoy and exercising our creativity. Our activities will include group discussions, creating stories, sharing of our written work, and introducing the students to workshop-style editing. Throughout the course, students will offer help/suggestions to each other in group suggestion sessions. Our work will culminate in a short reading presentation of each student’s work. (Hour 1)

HSS215 The Wonders of Africa

Instructor: Yoknyam Dabale

Africa is often viewed as a place of poverty and war. This course will challenge those stereotypes and give students a better understanding of Africa. We will discuss questions like: How does the world see Africa and why? What do Africans eat? Is Africa a jungle with lots of animals? Are Africans poor? What have Africans contributed to the world? Why do Africans come to the United States? (Hours 2 & 3)

HSS216 The Martian Chronicles (suggested for 6-8)

Instructor: Mike Davidson

"It was a machine like a jade-green insect, a praying mantis, delicately rushing through the cold air, indistinct, countless green diamonds winking over its body, and red jewels that glittered with multifaceted eyes. Its six legs fell upon the ancient highway with the sounds of a sparse rain which dwindled away, and from the back of the machine a Martian with melted gold for eyes looked down at Tomas as if he were looking into a well." Congratulations! You have just been named to illustrate and narrate scenes like this. In 1950, Ray Bradbury wrote a series of short stories called the Martian Chronicles telling the tale of humans escaping Earth to colonize Mars. Some of the stories are pure science fiction, while some teach us lessons about our society. We will read, discuss, illustrate, and narrate excerpts from Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. On the last day we will show a movie of our creations. Are you ready? (Hour 1)

HSS217 Digital Storytelling 101/102

Instructor: Brea Cunningham

This class explores the interactivity and narrative of digital media through the art of storytelling. We will examine digital media as a tool for seeing, exploring, and expressing. Students will be able to write their own community centered script and the class will team together to film and make their story come to life. Depending on class size we will either vote as a class and do one group short film or we will form groups and do smaller mini-movies. (Hours 1 & 2)


LG201 Lingua Latina Vivit! (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Brian Tibbets

Lingua Latina Vivit! will focus on the spoken Latin language, its English derivatives, and its influence in our society today. Students will begin by learning basic Latin words and phrases related to emotions, greetings, colors, body parts, and numbers. Students will explore Latin phrases still in use in our legal systems, medical terms, science, and popular culture. Students will take field trips around the Knox campus and Standish arboretum to see real Latin and its derivatives. Students will find connections between Latin and the other Romance languages and on its influence on the English language. (Hours 1 & 3)

LG202 Welcome to Germany!

Instructor: Alicia Condreay

Students will discover the land of Germany along with the basics of the German language. An introduction to the language will include the alphabet, numbers, simple phrases, general greetings, colors, and so much more! Students will also be given the opportunity to sample the German cuisine. (Hour 2)


SM201 Magic

Instructor: Penny Wagher

Have you ever watched a magician on TV or in person and wondered how the magic worked? In this class you will not only have those questions answered, but you will learn how to perform incredible tricks yourself. The tricks will use common materials that you can find around the house. Each magician will make their own magic kit and add several new tricks to it each day. Each evening you will be able to practice on your friends and family. On the final day a magic show will be held for the families. This could be the beginning of a new hobby. (Hour 2)

SM202 Astronomy

Instructor: Mark Shroyer

How did Galileo prove the earth is not the center of the universe? Why is the surface of Venus hot enough to melt lead? Why is Pluto no longer a planet? Why are there active volcanos on Earth but not Mars? Through discussions, demonstrations, and experiments students will discover how scientists explore our universe and explain astronomical phenomena. Weather permitting we will have an evening viewing session for students and families. (Hour 1)

SM203 Unlimited Inventions

Instructor: Penny Wagher

If you have ever wondered why or how machines work or if you are the type of person who enjoys making things and / or taking them apart, then this is the class for you. Using German-made Capsela Building Sets, the students will learn how to construct, following diagrams, everything from basic cars to vacuum cleaners to cranes. All of which really move on land or in the water. Each capsule is constructed out of clear plastic so you can see how a clutch or front wheel drives operate. There will be time to create your own inventions, which can be raced for speed or distance. If you can imagine it, then you can build a working model. (Hour 3)

SM204 Web Page Creation

Instructor: Robert Hull

Explore the Internet in an entirely new way! This is a beginning course for students interested in learning how to make fully interactive web pages. During this class we will learn the basics of making a web page, finding and editing images, and using the Internet safely. Students will also explore what design elements make an appealing web page. Using designing/editing software each student will create a final web page of his or her own design. Returning students are welcome to repeat the class! (Hours 1, 2 & 3)

SM206 Building with Fischertechnik

Instructor: Mike Davidson

Build manually powered models of basic machines, vehicles, and even amusement park rides. Learn to follow various wiring diagrams, some including sensors and electromagnets, then power it up! Topics such as quality control and testing will be covered. Have a blast working with Fischertechnik building kits! (Hours 2 & 3)

SM207 Mental Math

Instructor: Mark Shroyer

Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius without a calculator. Mentally calculate a 15% gratuity for your parents after a night of fine dining. Multiply 1012 x 988 in seconds using the “Difference of Squares.” Amaze your friends and relatives with your displays of mental gymnastics! Through daily drill and an application of concepts from algebra and geometry, we will have some fun with mathematics. (Hour 3)

SM209 Mythbusters

Instructor: Mark Shroyer

Will my stomach really explode if I eat pop rocks and drink Pepsi? Would liquid nitrogen really cause a terminator to shatter? Do snakes really bite people more often at times when more ice cream is eaten? Combining a practical approach to science, hands on experiments and the scientific method, students will explore and engage with popular myths and see if they are “Plausible” or completely “Busted.” Research will allow students to not only read about why things are true or not, but test it for themselves and gain a comprehensive understanding. (Hour 2)

SM210 Make America Beautiful (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Yoknyam Dabale

Would you like to help make the planet more beautiful? This course teaches you how to recycle nontraditional items in the home--bar soap, dried beans, coffee grounds, and more! We will view videos about recycling projects from around the world. We also discuss related issues like conservation and keeping the environment clean. (Hour 1)

SM211 Roughing It

Instructor: Jon Crider

Do you want to learn more about surviving in the woods away from the conveniences of modern life? This class will teach you how to keep yourself dry, fed, and not dead, while enjoying nature. We will learn what you need to know to go camping and/or backpacking. What clothes should you wear? What food should you bring? How do you set up a tent? How do you cook without a kitchen? How do you find clean water? What do you do if you are lost, hurt, or in danger? We will learn how to read a map and use a compass. Learn about Leave No Trace and the ethics of enjoying nature and preserving it for future generations. (Hours 1 & 2)

SM213 Creating Computer Animations and Games

Instructors: David Bunde and Jordan Shroyer

Come create a computer animation or a simple game in Scratch, a programming environment designed for young people. Students will learn important computing concepts in a fun way while making projects. (Hours 1 & 2)

SM212 Senses, Movement, and your Brain (suggested for grades 6-8)

Instructor: Esther Penick

Have you ever wondered how you can see or move or think? This course explores these topics and how to design your own scientific experiments. You will find out what kind of cells sense the world around you. You will see these cells under a microscope and measure the actions of these cells in experiments. You will dissect a sheep brain and listen to the activity of your own brain thinking and seeing. You will do experiments exploring your own memory, your own taste buds and your own sense of smell. This course will be taught by a neuroscientist and is designed for entering 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.(Hour 3)

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